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Do you want a canopy as lush as this?


Then what are you waiting for? What's good Weedcash fam! Today will be a showcase of another community made, and proven product, and this one is made with a 3d printer. Community member Jskwersell engineered his products specifically for growing cannabis, and for many of these tools, these are geared towards the tent grower. These products, along with our latest Podcast with Aggie will no doubt aid you in your quest to grow the best cannabis you can grow, and along with the biggest yields possible!

1/2" PVC Corner Brackets

Have you ever had a hard time setting up a SCROG in your tent? Myself I found it to be a pain! I never could get the trellis as tight as I wanted to, and not to mention adjusting it for height. Such a pain. These specially designed corner brackets takes away the hassle, and lets you set up the trellis with procession, and at the same time adding more strength to your tent frame.


  • Snap on to 16mm tent poles
  • Accepts 1/2" Scheduled 40 PVC pipe
  • Can hold up to 4lbs
  • Also have a hole for a zip tie, for extra grip, and additional weight

25$ per set
Or 20$ per set when buying 2 or more

Tent Spreaders

Do you ever notice your tent walls caved in when your in line fan creates to much pressure? These tent spreaders will add more strength to the frame of your tent, and spread your walls out 2 inches giving you 25% more space.


  • Fits to 16mm tent poles
  • Just snap into place without the worry of damaging your tent, or poles

25$ for a set of 4

Dogbone Branch Spreaders

Ever have a branch that is just to close to another? We all know what a pain that can be, and then the anxiety from the fear of mold setting in. Well worry no more! These spreaders will spread out your braches, and allow better airflow, and light penetration.


  • Spacing is 30mm

7$ for a set of 20
10$ for a set of 30

Cannagar Mold

Yes you Cannagar with this Mold! Impress your friends, and family with a 1 hour+ session.


  • 2 mold halves
  • End caps
  • Center Sleeve
  • Stick Insert
  • Funnel, and tamper
  • 3 different sizes

25$ for 3 gram mold
30$ for 5 gram
35$ for 7 gram

Tent pole clip w/ hole

When growing in a tent, it can be a pain in the ass when it comes to hanging items. Hang with ease with this basic clip on's


  • Clips on 16mm tent pole
  • 5mm hole
  • Max weight: 20lbs

5$ for a package of 4

Pot rim clips for LST

LST like a champ* with these clips!

*Only works with pots with the rim that curls downwards

5$ for a set

Strain Tags

Don't get strains mixed up ever again with these pimp strain tags!


Tent Pole Solo Cup Holder

Got an upcoming Solo Cup grow challenge? Or just want to start a grow off while your late in flower? These Solo Cup holders are a game changer! I use them myself to hold extra Super Croppers, bread ties, and trimmers.


  • Clips to a 16mm tent pole
  • Holds a 16 oz Solo Cup

10$ for 1
15$ for 2

Super Croppers

By far the most popular of all the 3d printed products. These Super Croppers are a must have for any garden, cannabis or non cannabis, indoor, or even outdoor. These tabs are engineered to bend and hold your branch at a 90 degree angle, spreading your branches out for a thick, and large canopy. Guaranteed to increase your yields! Just look at some of these amazing pictures submitted by the community........

7$ for a set of 20
10$ for a set of 30

Visit, and take your grow game to a higher level


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I saw @derangedvisions use them, and think those super croppers are amazing!

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Those are some genius ideas... y'all musta be smoking some phat ganja to come up with some of those ideas. I'll be adding some super croppers to my 4/20 order..

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On my way to growing my own weed😎

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Those are some awesome items! You guys should open up a store on Hivelist!

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This also needs the #forsale tag on it! Hope you guys do well with these! 3D printing is decentralized manufacturing!

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