Grow log #16 A worthy gift

Sugar Bomb Punch doing the damn thing right.

bw 4.jpg

Super sweet sugar-smelling buds that get you sticky if you do so much as look at them for too long! A gift to me by my one of the super talented growmie, this grow has been nothing short of magical!

Drawing Drawing

If anyone have grown any Dutch passion genetics, I would love to read them :)

bw 3.jpg

Day: 47 into flowering
Light: Mars Hydro TSL2000 LED
Tent: 2x4x8 Gorilla tent
Bucket: 8 Gallon current culture solo bucket
Nutrients: Cultured solutions line

Stay trippy! Stay happy!


Oh look, my hand, my tent, my plant

Check out the real content here

Looks like nice genetics to me! I'm currently growing some Reclining Buddha by Sensi Seeds, a buddy in Amsterdam sent them over a few years back.

Thanks! and also I love following your grow logs.

Healthy looking crop Impressed sweet smells are coming through Those are some of the hardest terps to manage in my experience. Skunk or cheese are easier to grow and have the smell/ flavor present itself which is why I say Gorilla Glue #4 is hard to F up. well done cant wait to see it when its done growing

Looking powerful stout there. Love the pretty flowers. Hope to try Dutch passion one day. One day. Looks awesome keep up the great work.

Yay! 🤗
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Great looking plant you got there.