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What's up Weed Nerds? A little slow, but steady this week. Seeing some OG's back in the feed with a new grow is always fun. Then we got @moluscontos, a Youtube refugee putting all his content here on the Chain. Which many more should do. A lot choose to just bitch, and complain about being censored. A lot comply. Then you have those who ask for solutions, like there isn't any already here. Hive has been around since 2016! Do not sleep on it, because this is the future. Our community is great, but it is just a tiny fraction of what is on this Block Chain has to offer.


My new homie and hoping for a miracle


Starting off this Week with a beautiful face, and a post from a beautiful person. LOONA!


UnExpected Meetup yo DIY your Meetups


Screenshot (323).png

A small meetup, with a even more special meetup planned for later if you know what I mean ;)


Organic Grow Room - AC Infinity 3x3 With Evo4 300 watt - Auto Flower Cannabis Grow - #7


My favorite kind of figure, THIC!


The Garden Room


Screenshot (324).png

Don't mind this guy. Dave is just getting his Mack on;)


Orange Apricot clone and Pineapple Express in bloom + Orange Barb and Apricot Kush seedlings


Praying to the cannabis gods!


Transplant one of my plants to try my luck


Screenshot (325).png

Getting his hands dirty!


🍁 Chaos and creation in the backyard 🍁


Love the bracts on this back porch weed!


Organic Grow Room - AC Infinity 3x3 With Evo4 300 watt - Auto Flower Cannabis Grow - #8


Skyline has got the green fever! Planting seeds like Johnny Appleseed! LOL


Growing Crack


Growing like Crack as well!


Mental Health Matters - Ketamine Therapy Session 1


For anyone battling with any type of mental illness, please check this post out. Wes shares his journey with Ketamine. Also just know you are not alone, and do not need to be ashamed. We are all humans, and we are more alike than not. Remember that.




This is some funny stuff! Wish I knew Spanish, I know it would be so much funnier for me. Great thing we have a thriving Spanish speaking community here on hive:)


Ryot's Kief Screen Wooden Bud Box




Soil testing my cannabis plants


Growing cannabis is science!


Well that's a wrap. Thank you to everyone, and if you do not see your post, just keep on posting. To help, and support the Cannabis Community, please subscribe here, and post directly from the community on Hive for all Canna, or psychedelic related content. Or even better, use the Weedcash Front-end. Posting from the Weedcash Tribe publishes your post to Hive, and directly to the Community. Oh, and a reminder; if you're posting anything cannabis related, always include the cannabis tag. This is our community's tag, even way before there where Tribes. Another tag you can use is canna-curate for more visibility. To help the whole Hive community make sure to go vote for Witnesses. You have 30 votes, use them wisely. Or you can just set us as your proxy. Just go here, scroll to the very bottom and manually type in our name @canna-curate. Well everyone, have a safe weekend.




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Thanks for the Shoutout! It seems I need to start making more photos at my work ;D

We just got a nice Dr. Bombay strain by Snoop and BackPackBoys!

Hey yo smokers!! I'm back smoking weed the cost here sucks to smoke only small dose but lets burn something ⚡⚡⚡🤛🏻

That pipe brings back memories from my early smoking days :)

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Thanks for the love. I'm gonna be more active soon

No rush bro, i know I do myself.

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@loonatic passed you the virtual joint!
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the !WEED bot is back alive 🙌

What's the difference between a taxidermist and a tax collector?
A taxidermist takes only your skin.

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