Weedcash Community Highlights

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Authored by @jonyoudyer

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NFT Marketplace on the Weedcash Front End


What's good Weed Nerds! 5 more days until 4/20, I almost forgot without the countdown spam posts. But lets be real, 4/20 is everyday in this community. But having an excuse to get together is always a positive in my book. I was planning to meet up in person in Portland, Or, at the famous Mt. Tabor. But with the new baby on the way, and gas being over 6$ a gallon, it just isn't possible for me.


In other news, @cannabiscritters is launching a very cool NFT project with real use case on the Weedcash NFT Marketplace! Each NFT is backed by actual cannabis. More to be announced real soon. @chubb149 also has a cool NFT use case going, so make sure to download Hive Keychain if you have not already. You will need it to perform functions in the NFT Marketplace. You too can also make your own NFT's. Either for fun, or have a cool idea for a use case? Just do it! You have nothing to lose. Just look at the activity. @richardcrill, and others love to spend their Weed in support. So if you have been talking about making your NFT, there has never been a better time!




Ill start off this weeks Highlights with an auction of a limited edition box, and the proceeds will be put towards helping out someone in Ukraine.


beer & weed


Starting the Weekend off right with a cold beer! Just remember you all, drink responsible, and do not drink, and drive. If you must, drink Pepsi;)


No Till Raised Bed Update - Starflowers + Lentils!


Never a dull moment on Mr. Moonslayer's blog!


My little plant is making some amazing buds and also received new seeds


Sending some of that Weedcash love to the deep south. Glad they made it ok!


Saturday’s Trip To The Dispencery 🪴😃


A Og Blockchainer posting for the very first time in the the Weedcash community! Maybe not first, but for the sake of entertainment, lets say it is. Welcome bro!


Questionable Grape X JCVZ (cdlc x Zamaldelica exp)


Some @bifbeans flower right here!


Week 6 Runtz Grow


Do I really need to put a caption to this? If you don't know, then you best hit that follow button, and get in the know.


Day 8 - Big Mack Superstar And Lemon Drip


Some Big Mack Superstar making the rounds!


They came out eagerly / Salieron con ganas


Kinda crazy that the start of life looks like this for so many animals, and plants!


A little friendly speculation (or, The process of writing comedy, part 2)


A little change of pace from the regular nug shot, and grow log.


Over $6 Million in Cannabis Already Sold in New Mexico


Damn you can posses 2 oz in New Mexico! That is pretty cool.


Organic Grow Room Living Soil Experiment Grow 3 - #2


#Dontpanicitsorngaic! Skyline putting all his efforts into the soil, and the soil is then showing him love back by treating his plants right.


Garden update 12.04.2022


This was one of my favorite pictures from last week.


Esp/Eng Mi introducción a Hive/ My Hive introduction


A new member to our Blockchain! And it seems there are an abundance of great growers from South America!


Purple Punch is out of this world - Strain Review


Wes showing us all how to do a @liktu post! lol


WeedChat - Looking For Good WEED NFT Use Cases - Also Just Stoned Ramblings


For those that are unaware, the Weedcash Tribe now has an option to mint NFT's! Check it out here. What will you make?


They wanted to take us the plants! / Nos quisieron llevar las plantas!


Always someone to piggy back off a mans success. People have gotten killed for less!


Day One of Flower Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese and Week 6 Runtz


Big Mack lives! This time we will see it in action in the new Grow challenge!


New babies and Yoshi is awesome


Do not stare the lizard in it's eyes.......


grow update silvermack


Loonas mom is ok! Time to celebrate, haha


Day 13 - Big Mack Superstar And Lemon Drip


We will end this off with more of Big Mack. This time it is the Superstar. Really looking forward too see how FM does with it.


Well that's a wrap. Thank you to everyone, and if you do not see your post, just keep on posting. To help, and support the Cannabis Community, please subscribe here, and post directly from the community on Hive for all Canna, or psychedelic related content. Or even better, use the Weedcash Front-end. Posting from the Weedcash Tribe publishes your post to Hive, and directly to the Community. Oh, and a reminder; if you're posting anything cannabis related, always include the cannabis tag. This is our community's tag, even way before there where Tribes. Another tag you can use is canna-curate for more visibility. To help the whole Hive community make sure to go vote for Witnesses. You have 30 votes, use them wisely. Or you can just set us as your proxy. Just go here, scroll to the very bottom and manually type in our name @canna-curate. Well everyone, have a safe weekend.




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Thanks for the shout out & ill do the first of the monthly #stashpass giveaways this 4/20, cant wait to learn more about https://ecency.com/@cannabiscritters. Finally Weedcash is becoming a market where cannabis NFTs have utility & are taken seriously. 🧐

Yeah it is going to be cool! What is cool for you, Cannabis Critters is based out of your state! So you can actually redemm a NFT. Boy that will be a great post! ;)

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I know, so psyched never thought I would be able to get a cannabis backed NFT especially in Michigan

Great amount of post, Arg I love the idea of Weedcash NFTs and I did a bit more digging to find they are "NFTs" as they are limited and can be verified but I wish they move from Weedcash to tribeldex dex to be sold as a ETH or atomic hub style NFT.

Well might have to start getting some more out with use cases.

That would be amazing!

Awesome! SO many good posts!

Thanks for sharing these highlights! !1UP

Thanks! If you had to pick, which one resonates with you the most?

Well, let me think.. I like to see the plants growing but I cant say it really resonates with me.. so If I had to pick one, would be "A little friend speculation". Nice story about personality types. !PIZZA

Yeah I really love grow logs. Which is why they usually have the biggest payouts. I really love introduction posts that are done well. It is a rare thing to see:)

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I'm getting pretty excited to see what people will do with NFT's in the near future. On the Hive-engine, NFT's are still pretty rudimentary but with people experimenting on nice little projects. Finding a use-case to them either digitally (through manual actions, instead of automated) or physical use-cases will help increase their value. The Weedcash community has some intelligent minds who are being quite active.... And people say potheads are lazy... smh. lol