3speak fail..

Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where we're playing how much internet will we get.. it's funny here.. the day after the storm I could make phone calls from my roof.. now it takes hours to send a text message.. yesterday 3speak uploaded my post fast.. today its been stuck at %16 for the longest.. the internet here is like a box of chocolates.. except some of those chocolates are actually turds..

Choose wisely..


That totally sucks, hopefully it gets fixed quickly brother.

I actually won my bet….🤪

Well the day didn't get much better with Buffalo losing by a field goal to Miami.
Stay strong @davedickeyyall

That's a sopping mess. I'm glad this shit happened after the girls were harvested.

Me too.. it's played hell trying to dry it

In The Morning brother 🤘

Dear @davedickeyyall,
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Thank you!


Thank you for your support @davedickeyyall, really appreciate it! 👍

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