It's a match..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm on the 3rd floor balcony hanging out with AB.. He started texting early saying he had a donkey dick and did I wanna get high.. Does a fat kid like cake? I rolled one of my own and headed up to film.. have a great day..

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I love The Morning Bowl!

Upvote early and often in that case 😆

That looks more like themorningplate 😅

I am getting ready to open the shop in the next week or so and I'm very excited to be producing some of my best work yet. I am broke down in Omaha but that is okay as I am making very steady and excellent progress.

On your way to the Iowa City B-tier event?

Haha AB is developing into a pretty good co-star! What are you gonna do when you move out to the new ranch?

Seeing that makes me wanna get all snapped and ride around the island on a scooter like I was in Cozumel again.