Happy Four-Twenty

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm celebrating the holiest of holy days for a stoner.. that's right its April 20th.. National Hippie Day.. funny how times have changed... I remember back when 420 was just a number.. back when April 20th was a happy day because you finally finished your taxes.. nowadays its a party day.. and here I forgot my party hat.. I'm to old for that shit anyway lol..

Party On ..

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A perfect holiday for you. Enjoy it completely

!WEED All the best!

Happy 4/20 !pimp

You must be killin' it out here!
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Happy 4/20... Enjoy!

Stay high brothers! I haven't smoked in a while, but I'll drink a beer for yall. lol

Happy 420 brother!

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Happy 420 brother! I do have a 420 party to attend today and for sure I will take a lot of pictures! Have an awesome day bro! 🌿🌿

happy 420 !WEED


@loonatic passed you the virtual joint!
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Hey @davedickeyyall, here is a little bit of BEER from @sandymeyer for you. Enjoy it!

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