I invite you to smoke a "Tartar Rocket"

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Hello fellow Smokers and Growers, Gardeners and casual Readers of my blog!

After my long absence, I'm back to smoke my last year's crop of buds with you!

I still haven't finished my last year's grow report, but I hope to make time for it soon. The crop is well worth it! As hard as I've tried, as much as my friends have helped me, there's still about half of it left.

So here it is. I present to your attention a fragrant bud of cannabis variety "Tatar Rocket". I will tell you about the subtleties of its flavor in the next posts, but looking ahead, it is very interesting and unusual.

Despite the extraneous debris stuck on the bud, one can see an abundance of ripe trichomes. The buds and trim are thickly strewn with these small "mushrooms" like powdered sugar, which made me very tired during the trim of the harvested crop.

It took me a whole month every evening giving a few hours to process and prepare for storage all the plants and at some points I even thought of drying the whole plants. The good thing is that I had the patience to finish the process and all winter I enjoy three different varieties of marijuana buds of my own production.
Pictured is a cheap bonus grinder from the seed manufacturer. Use quality metal accessories!

From about a 1 gram bud, there is not much waste at all.
This was a regular plant that was very likely pollinated from another of my regulars, so I plan to experiment with planting such seeds this year.
I don't have high hopes for this crop and will order the seeds from the grower, but I can't miss this experiment.

The packaging was chosen at random, but later I noticed a good subject for the photo.
Health / immunity (inscription on page)

I don’t know if you appreciate the condition of my smoking tip, but we managed to scratch the inscription of our Hive blockchain on it)))

During the ignition process it is difficult to catch the focus, but somehow I managed. I had to pull out a few extra puffs))

From time to time I treat myself to something delicious, diving into a jar of "popcorn" to produce a fragrant amber with liquefied butane.
Here are instructions 1, 2

⬇️The beginning of my auto Colorado Cookies history⬇️

☮️ Wishing everyone bright warm sunshine and huge, gluey, scented cannabis buds!



Some good looking bud. Can’t wait to see what else you share with us. Welcome back.

... and strong on top of that 💪
I wish I could share it with you!

In the near future I will find a moment to show you the total number of my buds
This is the first time I got such a productive harvest volume! 🥳

Yay! 🤗
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Bud looks fire!

So a few things have changed since you left. The Weedcash network domaine expired, so we have decided to make the Canna Curate Community