Young boy blowing on some dope joints🌳🌬 saying wadup!!! to the 'weedcash community'🌱🌿

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Hello hivians, Hello weed cash community, it's me again🌝
Call me driplord aka Dopeboy😎
Was just blowing on some good kush and thought i'd holla y'all folks, specifically the weed cash community🌿
This should be my first post since my introduction post some couple few da

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ys ago so just use this one to hold y'all off 'fore i drop another one let's say.......uhmmm, i'd rather keep that a secret(winks)😉

Incase y'all ain't know what i yelled out in the video. I yelled 'How Far nau!!!!' Which is a pigeon english language in Nigeria, Which means 'What's Up or Wad up' in English language.
I hope y'all understand and feel the vibe right there, cos that's some real ass shit from a high stoner😁
Thanks y'all and catch y'all again👌✌🤟

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Man, I'm just chilling up in them clouds.

How bout you man? Wadup!?

I see you on that cloud over there.

Hahaha, that's right right there. That's where i be every damn time! Too mich stress in this life so i gatta go chill up there, man.

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🥦 !LOL 🥦

Why did the chicken climb on top of the house?
He was a Roofster.

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You are welcome @driplord! It is great to see you are doing your first steps! Great work!

Hey man.. what's weedcash? haha