420 Cannabis Farmers Market in Vancouver BC March 2017

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A short candid glimpse of the "420 Monthly" cannabis farmers market in Vancouver BC, held Saturday March 4th 2017. Those familiar with the scene will recognize several regulars, and hear Django playing his street raggae. Those not familiar will get an interesting look at a moment in time that ended with cannabis "legalization" a year after this glorious hayday. End cannabis prohibition!

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That's footage you can never get again. Iconic moment in time, just before "legalization". The signs and vendor booths in the background make me wish I could be there now, exploring the wares and the sights and sounds.

Hey, it's me in the thumbnail! I look so young, hehe. Those were goooood times! Where fun and friends meets purpose and passion. Long live organic cannabis, family and friends, and the free market.

You look so cute, @Medikatie, we had to resteem this, even if Bruce is trying to co-star, lol! :)

You guys should post more of your content from back then. You have tons of it, and much of it has never been seen. It's historic and important footage!