Cannabis Indica photography

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My 3 adult female Reclining Buddha cannabis plants are in full bloom, giving me the opportunity to share with you these gorgeous images. All credit goes to Nature on this one - I'm just along to revel in her wonders.

Normally, I wouldn't crop a flower shot so close to the top, but I couldn't help but include the cool foreground fan leaf (while keeping to 800x600 resolution).

Trichomes are developing nicely, and these plants smell fantastic. They're completely organic and have had no products of any kind in their soil, water, etc. They're made of air, light, tapwater, and natural living soil. So the pure unadulterated expression of the genetics is observed. Every whiff coming off these dank flowers is the natural and pure cannabinoid and terpene profile of this strain, which is Reclining Buddha, a classic Indica from Amsterdam.

With a couple weeks to go, the flowers are finishing bulking up. They aren't massive, but it will be a decent crop of sensimillia.

This one has 4 flowers and the other two have 5 each.

I wish I could also share the smell with you, but hopefully these photographs have helped you feel surrounded by lush, healthy organic cannabis flowers. Thanks for visiting my cannabis medicine patch!

Grow in peace.

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Glad to see you still rocking bro

Yeah despite the fire and smoke outside, and the drought, at least the indoor garden is happy.

Thanks bud, appreciate your comment.

These are some of the nicest cannabis colas I've ever seen.
No doubt the aroma is pungent as well, nice work bro. :)

Flattery will get you nowhere except an extra nug when they're passed around. :P
Thanks man, happy you think so. And yes, in the past week they've really began to smell great... that full cannabinoid profile smell. They could go another week but I'm looking to chop any day here. I'll probably do one more post first. :)

Reason of my downvotes:

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Fair enough, I will no longer self upvote my comments and will just use the POB power to upvote POB community posts and comments.
Thank you for giving reason for the downvotes.

Whoa, trichome city! Getting closer.
Upvoted and reHived <3

They look like they could use some of those strips that go on your nose and clean the plugs out of your pores, haha!

Awesome! Going to share these on the weed market Wednesday video!

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Thanks, I'm happy you enjoyed them!

💪they look tasty

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