I made a test batch of infused oil for massage or baking

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What would you do with this jar of cannabis-infused coconut oil?

Here's how I made it:

I have a lot of dry shwag to do something with, so this is perfect.

A big scoop of it goes into the oven at 225oF for about an hour:

After it was dry and decarbed, I packed it down into a mason jar, and put some organic coconut oil on top:

It went back in the oven for half an hour. The oil fully melted and the cannabinoids were infused into it. I strained it through cheesecloth:

When it fully cools, it will be a tan-coloured spreadable solid that melts when exposed to body heat.

It could be poured into suppository molds before it hardens.

Or rubbed onto sore body parts.

But one great use for oil like this is baking it into treats, like these shortbread cookies with jam:

I have a LOT left. It's strong. Help.



Nice 👍😁 i would defo make a big cake 😂 and some cookies and some gummies lol....

I would also take a bit and add some beeswax and maybe some black pepper to create a heat rub cream for backache etc..

This is my next experiment 😉

I love THC alchemy ✌️

You had me at suppository;) !luv

ReHived! My hemptastic followers !LUV anything to do with medical cannabis :D

It appears that the !LUV bot is overworked and underpaid! LOL <3

Infused cannabis oil definitely isn't a bad thing to have handy at Christmas time! :-D !LUV

Interested to hear how it turns out. How does it tastes? How strong is it? Would it work well on burns? Arthritis?

I can testify it works great on burns and especially arthritis and serious backpain..

I burnt my hand last week and immediately applied some oil and it worked a treat! I was surprised how effective it was!

I also use it for sciatica and my friend uses it for arthritis.



This stuff is WAY more potent thant the Ivermectin IMHO...

Cannabis is definitely a potent anti-microbial, scientifically proven. Its resin especially seals, disinfects and speeds up the healing of wounds.