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RE: New Zealand Referendum to Legalise Marijuana.

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"Legalization" is a lie, unfortunately. Nobody wants to hear it, but I was there, I was part of the entire process here in Canada, as a Vancouver-based cannabis activist for 10 years. Legalization is code for government monopolization and control. It's literally a trap for eager, well-meaning, and foolish citizens. They started in Canada about 20 years ago with medical exemptions, and finally captured the trillion dollar market fully in 2018.

I even made a documentary about it, and warned that it would be tried in places like New Zealand next, and that the Kiwis too would fall for it.

What we want is called decriminalization, nothing more and nothing less. If we don't get 100% decrim, or if anything else comes along with it (like limits on private gardens), then it's just 1 step forward and 3 steps back. It's tyranny with a tiny of bit partial freedom, to make it palatable.

Please, do NOT "legalize" cannabis in my home country of New Zealand! : (



Thanks for the reply. I'll take a look at the documentary now.

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Thanks. It won't explain everything, but I'm available to provide evidence or explanation of anything you're not sure about. I have no agenda other than Liberty for all, and any form of cannabis prohibition (including what they call "legalization") is not acceptable to me. If all you're after is the right to smoke a joint at the park without the cops showing up, you'll (sort of) get that, but it will come at a massive price not seen until after. An unpayable price, had you known the cost up front... which is where I come in. All the best.