Reclining Buddha cannabis plants in full bloom

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My little indoor medicine patch has 3 adult Reclining Buddha females, and they're looking good! Not to mention the smell, which of course doesn't translate over the internet, but trust me, they smell great. You'll have to settle for some photographs!

These gals have 2 to 3 weeks before harvest. Some of the flowers are a bit more mature than others even though they were all planted together.

We are getting severe heat waves, forest fires, and horrible choking smoke 24/7 right now. Inside, these plants provide oxygen, use up carbon dioxide, and give off a fresh and pleasant smell. Sometimes, I can't even smell the smoke, which gets in through all the cracks.

That bud will need another 3 weeks to mature. Lots of white trichomes and pistils.

Some more colour on that one.

Don't let their size confuse you, this bud will be FIRE! A gram of this is far better than a gram of just about anything else. How many grams I'll end up with, that's another matter! Yes, fully organic growing yields less than other strategies, there's no arguing that. But the quality of the product isn't reduced, and in fact, is sometimes quite a bit better than flowers full of chemical nutrients from a bottle. Bigger isn't always better. Kinda like steroids to add muscle and impress girls... until they find out your balls are shrunken :P

Time for an overview

Been a minute since I showed off the garden with a GIF file. These tall plants have had their lower leaves removed to focus growth on the flowers.

Thanks for visiting my garden! Grow in peace.

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Bigger isn't always better. Kinda like steroids to add muscle and impress girls... until they find out your balls are shrunken :P

LOL, recent evidence suggests that steroids might also cause some form of mental retardation too :P

She's looking great, last time I grew some cannabis with trichomes that look like this, I was couch locked hard from one puff, which is great! :D

Can't wait to see the harvest, I have to get active on Hive again because sometimes I have trouble staying active on here, but I added you on auto list just in case I miss posts in the future, because I know for certain you create quality posts always, hope you don't mind being on auto, if so I will remove it.

Keep up the great work!

I apprecaite that bro, and I agree, it would be great to see your posts more regularly. But feeling pressure doesn't help anything, I find... so not trying to do that :P
And your comments are always on point, they add something to the conversation, and I also tend to agree with your opinions... so any and all input is definitely welcomed.
Couch lock, you say?! Hmmmmm that might be interesting. I guess it would depend how long I let these mature. Stay tuned :D

Those fires are no joke. But they are good for the land. A harvest in late august early sept is always pretty sweet

Good call on the early fall harvest. Happy cannabinoiding!

You are an anomaly.

Nice one, They are coming along nicely

Nice buds looks like very strongs :D

Thanks, if you can stop by my area in a few weeks, you can help me try these buds :p


Well shit your still alive. Fires not threatening anymore?