Safe natural ways to prevent infection

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Here are a few safe, natural, and inexpensive ways to prevent bacterial and viral infections!

This 1 minute video identifies a few substances and techniques, and supportive links are provided below.

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Pit of Hell


Silver versus microbes

Cannabis versus bacteria

Cannabis versus viruses

Sunlight versus microbes

Vitamin D versus respiratory infections (such as coronavirus)

This is meant as general medical knowledge, not specific medical advice. If you find it useful, please pass it on.



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Short but very informative, with great links.
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Interesting how sunlight is important in everything mentioned here. It's how we reduce stress, it's how we kill microbes, it's how we produce vitamin D which prevents infections, it's how we grow cannabis which prevents infections, and more.

What if all of those things were illegal? It's kind of creepy how we're getting conditioned more and more to be afraid of the sun, even in Canada where we don't get enough. The limited amount of sunlight we get, according to the government, should be under high spf avobenzone so we get skin cancer and no vitamin D...

COOL, I love silver bullion :-D

Keep on Steemin on my brotha. We would love it if you and Katie would join us down in Portland this June for CannaFest 2.

Oooh, we like that thumbnail! Ok noted, we'll go smoke a joint out in the sunlight. Get the UV into all out holes and on all our surfaces :-D

Good video - i have been gtting shitloads of Summer sun recently plus i get baked to relax everyday

when the video started i thought that was a cell phone you were holding lol

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Have you heard of the 1 Cure 1 Life solution from Keshe Institute?

No, but a quick search brought up this news story. He's a convicted fraudster, but that doesn't mean his product is no good, I guess! If there's some scientific studies on it, I'd have a look.

That's why I ask, he has 40 or so patients who have live streamed with him now to evidence and proof of concept.

I would like to give him a shot too even though his past is murky.

Does it effect my curation on @weedcash if I comment on @esteem?

I love the esteem mobile app but want to make sure I am getting as much WEED as possible along with my STEEM.