Using twist ties for cannabis plant training

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Sometimes low-tech solutions work nicely! I grabbed a few twist ties headed for the trash, and put them to use training my cannabis seedlings. Have a look at my before and after shots.

I've always been a fan of using household items to help me grow plants, as well as to do things like extract their oils. Having the right tool for the job is always a good idea, but that doesn't necessarily mean the tool has to be specially ordered. Coffee filters, cheesecloth, glass canning jars, silicone spatulas, razor blades, even old buckets are valuable tools for the cannabis grower/extractor/baker. Sometimes it's possible to build a better mousetrap, and sometimes the tried and true methods work best. To each their own.

Here are the plants before applying the ties:

You'll notice they're very bunched up. I removed the early foliage already because it was ugly, but that has left the seedlings topheavy. And because they've been aggressively topped (to create more stems) the stems are too close together, forming a bouquet rather than a nice canopy.

This plant's two main sides aren't overlapping too badly yet, but they could be further apart.

That one is REALLY messed up. Besides the deformed leaf, it's also disorganized and crowded.

The application

I keep any good used twist ties, rather than throwing them away, so I grabbed a couple and used them like spreader bars to keep my plants' stems apart.

This tie is longer than necessary, but that leaves room to make adjustments later. Twist ties are very flexible (pun not intended). You're not tied down (pun not intended again) to one mode, or one angle. The possibilities are endless, and the twist tie stays where you bend it to!


The next day, the plants looked less bunched. The two sides on this one are barely touching now.

And that one is even more improved. It's still ugly, but it's much better than it was.

Soon, I plan to use the same technique to spread the next sets of stems. I will document the process and my results over the coming weeks.

I want to say "thank you" to all the great growers on this blockchain! I've learned many techniques and improvements by observing your posted results and listening to your tips. I incorporate some of your practices into my regimen, and adapt your ideas to fit my specific needs. I see my own techniques and hear my own teachings coming back to me, so I know you're learning from me as well. This is what makes Hive a special place to grow cannabis! What we have here is very powerful. And we've grown it ourselves. Well done, everybody! Keep up the excellent work.

And as always, grow in peace.



I also used a skewer and some duct tape and some garbage closers works good

Duct tape is important in just about every do it yourself project I think LOL

Nice, it's like a canna-bonsai :) !LUV

Actually, it was a bit kinky to read. And those photos were a little racy! : O

You're sick. There's nothing sexual about this post! Now, turn around, and prepare for your spanking. LOL

But seriously, twist ties are awesome. And they're easy to get for free : )

New growing method, now that's a twist! ;) !LUV

Twistie ties are great tools! Another great item is a used carton of juice. Since the come in half or whole gallons they are perfect to mix nutrients.