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RE: Delta-10 THC : What you need to know

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Nice one @daltono. I don't know why don't they legalize weed in India and get benefits from its flourishing economy. We should spend some time/money on such researches.

We mostly get Indica and I can bet on my life that it is of the highest quality as compared to any place in the world. It's a heaven for stoners. Hash & Grass are the two types we get to smoke. We have "Bhang" which can be used to create eatables. Don't know what kind of Delta I am rolling up every day. :D


I wish I could tell you why the world doesn't accept cannabis fully yet. I know there will be a day where we look back and wonder how we let our lives be controlled so much, I already think that often.

You’re most likely smoking Delta-9.

Hash and grass I have heard before. Bhang on the other hand is new to me. That's just super fun to say. I love learning new things, so thanks for sharing all the way from India.

You are most welcome @daltano. Thanks to you as well for sharing this info with all of us.

...we look back and wonder how we let our lives be controlled so much...

Me Too. Many times I had to throw my stash to ditch the cops. :(

Can you imagine "Bhang" is legal while other forms of cannabis are not? You get it at government-approved shops only. Must try for a cannabis enthusiast like yourself. Search for "Bhang Lassi" on Youtube to see what it is.

Now I want to one day experience what you speak of. I just watched this video on Bhang Lassi:

Haha. It's so yummy and then you are set for thewhole day. Full power! 😁