Reason of my downvotes:

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Fair enough, I will no longer self upvote my comments and will just use the POB power to upvote POB community posts and comments.
Thank you for giving reason for the downvotes.

I'm glad you got my message. Good luck

And while you remove 1 POB votes from an account who doesn't get much POB support and was supporting the community with it, you upvote 1-2 line comments with 12 POB.

You are damaging to the platform and just influenced a staked user to leave the platform, again go fuck yourself.

Good luck with what? I'm powering down POB 100% and dumping it all.

You removed mere 1 pob votes from an account who powers up 100% of all POB and supports the community with it, and instead of having a chat with people first, you decide to start blasting downvotes.

What a real power control asshole you have proven to be , go fuck yourself.