Returning To The Weed Cash Community

To quote music artist STAIND, "It's Been Awhile" since I posted any cannabis related posts; including on which fellow cannabis grower and user @skylinebuds informed me of yesterday has sort of gone defunct. But that's alright... with Weedcash being here I can continue adding some articles here related to my cannabis grows, issues and love for the "weed".

Even though I was absent from the platform here, or on SMOKE, for more than a few months, I have continued to cycle through my cannabis grows. I have been making clones, harvesting plants, learning more about lighting and changing up the nutrients in the attempt to get higher (no pun intended) yields. I've had a few mishaps along the way, but it's all a learning process, right?

I had an incident during a grow last fall with an invasion of spider mites; those dreaded critters can really put a hamper on not only a crop of cannabis, but also your mood. It took me an entire day to clean, scrub, disinfect and get the plants and tent back in working (or growing) order.


One of my previous grows did fairly well and I was pleased with the glistening of all the trichromes as the flowering stage came to an end.

3 trichome.jpg

Apes In Space


There's just something about the "finished product" that makes me smile.


Previous cannabis harvest from 2020. LOVE the density of this grow.


Welcome back to the community. Looks like you've already got some good stuff growing ;) Hope it all smokes well!

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Nice, Good to see ya. I just moved and am working on a new set up here. Nice buds.

Looks like your time away has been spent with beautiful and stinky friends. Thanks for sharing.

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Omg! Hey!!! Super excited to see you again. Flowers look gorgeous. We are having a 420 meet up in the canna server. Post coming soon

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Welcome back! You should come check out the new off-chain social chat on as well as browse the store!

Very happy to have you back!

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Ah apes of space sounds interesting

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