Leaving California


We are leaving the hot, sunny adventurous land of California for a week or more as we are expecting to move into a new chilly location.

Our pets are curious to know what it all looks like, for the hope of a new adventure! Well, here it is Tiny sitting by the window awaiting the new world.

cattie girl.jpg

This is Princess


Untitled design (6).png

Paths do change, change is necessary and change is not constant, change is life.

Leavin' you with this thought ladies and gentlemen, and I take Creme Brulee roll. A sweet one burns slow and jam-packed kiefy stuff.

Stay all adventurous, good hearts💚

Regards, @herbygirl


Yay! 🤗
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Don't blame you. It's getting so expensive here! Not to mention the stupid mandates . But what you talking about sunnny and warm? It's been cold asf! Lol

You are damn right.

Oh! I was talking about California's trademark 😊

Yeah I was just kidding. The only good thing really about our state is just that. :)

Peaceful af haha!

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