A new place to keep the weed and hermetic (CVault)

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This new team arrived in my city recently and the truth was that it was not known at all, because in Argentina we have restrictions on imports due to the absurd ordinances of previous presidents.

In short, many are always concerned about the conservation of their weed because in this city, due to the high heat and humidity of the environment, sometimes they dry out too much.

To see what it was about, visit the web and the truth is that it is something very new in my city. I really think about buying it to see how well the weed keeps. At the moment I do not know at what price they sell it but in the United States it does not look very expensive.

In the United States they sell it with two accessories, you go out to prevent moisture loss and a thermometer that simultaneously measures humidity, it's something very crazy. It fascinates me because here in my country it is very rare to see this type of technology.


Those are some pretty neat sealing devices. Wonder if they’d be good for curing.

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I have the same doubt, but with the issue of prices in Argentina it is not so easy to obtain them to test its operation