Harvesting a small mighty

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How are you friends? Today I bring you a quick sample of the small plant that I harvested a few days ago, it is "Sunday driver x slurrycake" an incredible plant with a very tasty aroma. At the moment it has been drying for two days in the open air under cover.



My girlfriend insists on leaving it longer when I harvest them but one knows that the harvest can be ruined if I demand more from the plant, therefore it remains to wait for the buds to dry to try this beauty. A small one was left that grew alongside.




Tiene unos colores muy bonitos y para ser invierno ha salido con muchos tricomas.

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PS any update on the Spaminator issue? We need to get that taken away so you can get bigger votes. I do know it is a long process though. Mad respect for hanging in there, and maning up to your mistake. So many here would of bitched, and cried and play vitim and go to BLurt!

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I couldn't, they asked me for 50 consecutive articles for 50 days and of good quality, I have a life and a family, and programming demands time, therefore I will continue to be penalized for life :D

That does sounds excessive and hard to do for almost anybody!

Small, but fire! Quality over quantiy all day. And this is the Sunday Driver x Slurrycake?

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