I had to cut a branch because of the weight it had

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As you can read in the title, I was forced to cut a branch that did not support the weight of the buds, this species of plant that I have will not give large buds as I would like, what I have noticed is that it throws a kind of oil That leaves my hand sticky and smells very smelling.

The branch began to show signs in the buds that it should be cut, I noticed that the bracts had a dark brown color, an index of lack of humidity, in addition to the fact that we are entering autumn in my city.

After removing this branch that will be the test branch, also cut the leaves; here in my city some are so desperate that they smoke the leaves or a mixture of what is left over. The leaves that I cut from the bud I throw them away is not something I want in my harvest, I do not know if I did well but that's it. After cutting it, I noticed that it lost the intense aroma for a long time.

At the moment I keep it in a lunch box that I haven't used for a long time, they told me that I should leave it for two weeks until it dries and I can smoke it, I don't know how true that is so if any of them here I recommend some technique of drying for more effect please comment, in advance Greetings from Santa Fe Argentina.


Seems a bit early to harvest in my opinion. May want to get some stakes in the ground to support with some netting. Hate to see the plant go before she's ready.

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I think exactly the same, but I know that the tips are drying and it is a genetic that does not usually give large buds, I cannot compare it with another because after this plant I will buy better seeds.

Right on man! @bifbeans is going to be doing a pretty big sale for 4/20, so keep your eyes out for that! They ship internationally too! Would love to see some of the bif gear be grown outdoors and how it fairs.

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They recommended this website to me to buy

I would recommend https://bifbeans.com/seeds seems like a lot better pricing and I guarantee you won't be disappointed with the plants you get.

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I thank you very much friend, what worries me the most is if the seeds will be able to reach my house, because I am from Argentina and here it is a terrible disaster as the products are retained for absurd reasons.
I will also try with the web that you recommend me

Is it Possible you can tie the branches bending to the main stem?

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I did it but even so it continues to dry, as I did not know what solution I had, I preferred to cut it than to remove the buds