Incredible days for plants and waiting for signs

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I'm still waiting for some of my plants to show signs of female sexuality, with the last mishap of having 3 male plants I lost a little hope so I decided to increase the number of plants and make sure that some become female to have some buds this Summer, I know it is not something simple because there will be more hours of light outside and if I leave them indoors they will die from the heat.





At the moment all the plants look healthy, some show signs of wanting to grow more than we thought and my girlfriend and I were discussing the possibility of placing one of them in the ground if it turned out to be female but in this backyard sunlight comes from everywhere Therefore, if it turns out to be female and I place it in the ground, I will cut off the top to prevent it from growing too much and to have something to harvest in January.


For the moment we just have to wait and cross our fingers that some of them will result in a good production of buds, for the moment I wish you all a great day and that you share your buds.


very good health, so far! the ideal when you do planting or germination even, is that if they are not genetic, try with some more, in general the 30% minimum will be males. In a matter of calculations, you will surely have a female! haha I send you a hug!

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