Purple Lemonade auto grow week 9

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Hi folks,

Its time to say goodbye to medusa folks, she going to be moving to the big drying box in the sky either after I finish typing this up or tomorrow. here how she began week 9.



I checked the trichomes on the buds daily during the week, I found it easier to just use my cameras zoom as opposed to straining my eyeballs using my little loupe heres some of the close ups.




I gave her a lot of ro'd water early in the week to flush the soil and now shes ready, not a moment to soon this stuff smells mystical and I havent had a smoke in weeks.




All thats left to do is take off the big fan leaves with no sugary goodness on them, cut the stem and hang the whole shebang up in my very high tech fancy homemade drying box.
I like to leave all the sugar leaves on during the drying process, wet trimming is just a sticky, messy hassle. I can see this taking a few weeks to dry so i might break up one of the smaller buds and quick dry it using the old brown paper bag on the radiator trick.
Im curious to see what the dry weight is going to be. I still think its going to be way under my previous grows but the thickness and density of these buds is far greater than anything ive grown so far they are all about an inch and a half tall and about 2 inches wide, anyway give me your best guesses below.


Nice! Cant wait to see how you go about your drying process.

no smoke in weeks? yeah this one looks perfect spark it up🔥

haha yeah i get caught short every time, i dont mind tho the delayed gratification just makes it sweeter

Beautiful Plant, congrats on the grow. A couple ounces for sure.

I wish, if i get over 1oz I'll be happy, She was an awkward grower and i made a few mistakes with her.

Ya see fellas thats what Chewies is for. I stil run short so when I do rather than pay dispensary prices is grab from that discord server. They have great product at low low prices. I know it sounds like I'm affiliated with them. I am not in any way. Just passing on a good find.
But that running short thing annoys the hell out of me.