Getting Lowbrow with some high bros.

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I’ll go out on a limb to say that beer is to TV as weed is to art.


Now I’m not saying if you like beers you can only like television or that liking beer makes you less artistic or something.


For the record, you can be totally into beer and art, and that’s fine. I mean look at the French. They do lots of art, and mainly drink wine.


That being said, I’ll make the observation, that the restrooms at weed paint nights are typically empty, as probably nobody has to “pee endlessly” and/or go off to smoke some weed in the bathroom.


Now going to Rhode Island to do art is actually kind of a thing. There are a lot of Artists in Rhode Island. Of course the State’s big art school, RISD which birthed Shepard Fairy’s Andre the giants has a posse /obey project, is herer

as is AS220 over in Providence, a modern sort of Bauhaus, which hosts events/ nightlife and serves locally as an artist collective.


Also, if you drive around enough youll notice there are tons of graffiti murals everywhere. They even have that big blue bug, featured in the 90s classic comedy, Dumb and Dumber.


Not to mention the event called Water Fire is always a good time, and has been a popular celebration of art and music for a long time. Rhode Island loves the arts with their Newport Jazz Festival and other fun summertime things to do in the tourist’s New England, and Little Roadie draws tons of artists from all over the world.


The point is, it’s not too crazy of an idea to go out painting for the night while here and we were blessed to be doing it at The Ocean State’s original social cannabis consumption lounge.


Obviously paint nights have been happening at bars forever. People love to go out drinking wine with friends and sitting down at tables to paint together, typically replicas of van Gogh's Starry Night or Magritte’s apple dude.


So I’m just saying that it’s too bad those events don’t ALSO have cannabis.


I mean let me tell you, there was lots of Cannabis here at this art night and it all worked out amazing. I think some people had wine also… there’s that “also” we talked about.


Many of “The Masters” have been known to use to wine and alcohol to get the art going and so it cann be a worthy endeavor to catch a buzz and get your “art class” on, versus just sitting around getting high watch the tube.


Typical potheads… We arrived late and everybody was doing paintings of the character Eddie Torres from the Cheech and Chong film Still Smokin’. It was a full house but we were able to grab a seat right near the pool, a pleasant surprise, that being the case Douglas Adams fans from all over the Galaxy will surely be glad they brought their trusty hitchhiking towel.


I was in goodgood company for sure, that always extra THCelebrity “Eddie Torres” was even being featured in this photo opportunity that many of his base were able to take advantage of. More like Testacool!


The Farmacist always throws great events and paint night at the Tetra Hydro club in Wakefield RI is no exception.


The paint night folks from Mermaid Masterpieces and Events were great and totally packed the house. They brought all the supplies and cleaned up all the aftermath.


Gotta admit the club is great, whenever I make it down it’s Always a bangahhh!


Puff and Paint Night at the Tetra Hydro Club in Wakefield RI ….highly recommended


Cannabis makes you mediate, while booze does not. If one was to make art, cannabis would be what you do when you are are working, and then after have a drink, or 2. :)

Cool art-party!
It is unfortunate that we have it prohibited by law😠