The last 16 weeks ...a Summer-y (Higher Learning)

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Well I haven't been writing for a while, lot of stuff going on at home (Boston MA USA) however, I have been going to some great New England Cannabis related events.


Up until the summer I had also been writing on the now defunct creative cannabis writing platform ,, ...mostly posting canna-centric restaurant reviews in regards to my site, Sadly, the entire platform seems to have gone away.


So now all mah "food on weed" stories are gone. Luckily I sort of backed up most of them, I am working to get the site going again and all my restaurant reefer-iews back together so I'm starting to rebuild here on my favorite pot platform to write about weed......


I was most recently at The Higher Education Festival over in Maine, at an undisclosed location.
it was a great lineup of dozens of bands over 3 days. So many amazing acts, Mighty Mystic, The Trichomes, Itchy and Scratchy, Juliez P... I was stoked to see Flowttiglio


a familiar face in the local Boston music scene and also nice with the beats.

Long Arm Rex an amazing reggae band was also playing the event. I've seen them a number of times they play a great show and are great folks.


The Higher Education Festival pairs camping and live music and a crap load of edibles, flou-ah, distillates and all kinds of crazy s***.


I really enjoy the Cannabis scene in Maine


there's a number of sort of underground venues that exist,


where you'll sea a collection well curated vendors from New England's Cannabis underground




If you attend enough events you'll probably get to know a lot of the great people in the Maine scene as well. Great vibes Everytime.


Folks I have found to be very talented and with really great ideas as well as "artisan crafts".


one of the great little jems I've discovered up here in Vacationland is the Kong bar.


I fully enjoy Kong Bars actually too much .... It Keeps happening where I end up loud-whispering some cliche, yet sincere phrase, such as

" wow that's really good",

and then I go on to eat too much weed ....most recently I had Kong's white chocolate and strawberry bar.


I used to get punch bars a lot and I really liked them but I noticed that they often tasted about 60 or 70% the same with only a slight flavor variation between the available varieties.



Kong bars taste great but do not taste very potent. Tasting potent and being potent are not the same thing. Kong bars are the ladder



on a side note , a few days after Higher Education Fest I was a little hungry and actually overdosed a bit. I had to go sit by myself with some dog friends I have. We just chilled and listen to some old Floyd (meddle)


until my eyes stopped doing that thing and I could read words again.


luckily there's tons of stuff going on in Maine and I can't wait to get back as soon as possible and I hope to see you there.







Maine.... highly recomended

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Yeah a shame Smoke has gone to shit. Would love to see more of your stories over here. Over there the audience was mainly people who where die hard cannabis people, over here you have the Die hards Canna people, but also more people who partake in it from time to time, or even people who don't that can see your posts. And who knows, maybe you can convince someone that is against cannabis, to be more accepting.

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I was trying to use all the platforms to participate in the platforms but yeah I'll be moving my stuff over for sure

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Oh for sure I respect that. I expect some big things here in the future, well hope to see you again soon bro, and maybe some of that bomb Chinese food? lol