A Sad Start

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What's up fellow Weed Nerds? Back at you with another update of my first attempt at growing cannabis in close to a year. 8 days ago I did a post, and it was looking good. I had 2 seedlings going, with 1 doing great, and the other showing signs of it being a runt. Well that same day of publishing that post, disaster struck...

My 5 Yo boy ripped up one of the seedlings! Of Course it had to be the one that was promising. So here I am stuck with the runt. This is White Grape from BIF Beans. It is an Auto flower, meaning that it will flower automatically. If it were a regalour, it would need 12 hours of dark to induce flowering. I have decided to do an Auto, since I can grow on my balcony, and not worry about it getting the proper amount of light, and dark.

I am not sure if this will amount to anything. It will be cool to see what it does though. I am suspecting it will be a mini cannabis plant, which will make for cool content. I am planning to get a different Auto strain, which I can use my Hive to buy. Did I ever mention that Bif Beans accepts Hive as payment? That's right! Oh, and they ship anywhere in the world. So if you are looking to get some seed for this growing season, look no further. Start blogging today, and then buy your seed tomorrow. ;)

*Disclaimer: It takes hard work, and dedication to earn Hive:)

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Damn, thats the way it goes sometimes. Sorry about your luck

Price of having kids. And I was only upset for 10 min. Let’s just hope he learns his lesson. Next up is my 6 month old who I’m sure will do the same when he is older lol

Know the feeling. And if it's not the kids, it's the dogs or the bugs lmao

Sparrows do the same thing to me. Sometimes I have replanted them and they have come back again. Not the ones with bent stems.
That dwarf is going to be small but powerful...

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I should nickname my son Sparrow lol. I’ll be transferring into bigger pot soon, hopefully it takes off. It would be funny to see a small bud grow. Maybe I’ll be lucky to get a bowl 😂

Bummer. I've got an entire seed collection I have stashed. Really need to do something with it. Eventually I should...

Sorry for the loss. I was gonna cuss you about the baby weed plant fatality. However, yeah that's what kids do. Lol

Hope you grow well this year!

I don't grow autos! Never have and never will. Ruderalis hybrids are garbage quality for me..

Feminized seed is just as bad for my view. Frankenstein seeds...

Good solid breeding I love! Not the feminization and crosses with ruderalis.

Yeah so far with my experience I have come across a lot of bad seed with autos. Hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to get my indoor setup back up and do reg seed. Or hopefully move to sone place with a big yard and I can do a proper garden:)

It's unstable! I've had friends spend decades stabilizing strains and not got them perfect for release. now everyone is backyard breeding and it really shows.

Solid breeding is respected. It takes a.massive dedication for that.

However the easy path is something that people meant to take. Even if it's breeding the 30,000+ years of selective breeding out of the plant.

One day the regular seed is going to be rare. It will only be low quality feminized or autoed seeds.

Those heirloom seeds? Are going to be very valuable indeed...

Hopefully it will recover! !lolz

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What's a three-season bed?
One without a spring.

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Going to be a 1 gram plant! Lol