Back In The Saddle Again!

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If you guessed Wine O'Clock, then sorry you are wrong. Even though that is not a bad idea. But no this post is not about wine. It has been such a long time since I have grown any cannabis, and my plan to start a micro indoor grow is not looking like it is going to happen anytime soon. Once upon a time I had anywhere up to 30 plants in the home, all in various stages of growth. I am missing having them around. Also seeing all my fellow Hivers evolving as growers has me FOMOing. So I figured since I will not be setting up a tent, I might as well give a go with some Autos on my balcony.

I busted out my seed stash that I keep in the fridge. Surely I have some Autos in here. It has been a long time, and I wasn't even sure if I did. I know I gifted some to a couple other Hivers here, so it was possible I did not have any.

I am in luck! I have 2 different strain of Autos from @bifbeans. Cabernet, and White Grape.

Hence the wine reference. I have grown the White Grape, but I have not grew Cabernet yet. I love wine, so this one is pretty cool to me. It's also pretty special since this was one of the very last packs of the original Cabernet's From BIF.

First thing I will do to get these started is soak them in water for 24 hours. Noticed how I kept the vile in the water, and the package for the Cab? This is so I will not loose track of which is which. Mixing up strains is very easy to do, and if you can know exactly what you are growing, it will greatly benefit you.

I only have 4 seeds, so I do not want to mess this up. It has been very cold, especially at nights. So I busted out my heat mat to place the cups on top of.

After 24 hours I decide to use my favorite method to crack seeds. I like to use 2 plates, and a paper towel.

I make sure to fold the paper towel in half in order to make it a little tougher, and less prone to ripping. I then get it moist. When you do get your paper towel wet, just make sure it is damp, you don't want puddles of water on your plate.

Then place your seeds on top of the paper towel, and then fold it so your seeds are wrapped in the moist towel on both sides.

Again I made sure to label each plate with the proper strain name. Notice how I am using a bowl on the WG? That is just because I did not have the same size plate. I actually like this, and may just do it this way in the future. I will keep an eye on these the next few days, and make sure the paper towel stay moist. If 1 week passes, and I do not see a tail I will start to think about my next plan.

I actually remember I had this sticker, and had to include it on this post!

So this is my method to crack seed. I really hope this works. These have been in the fridge for almost 2 years now! I do not thing that will matter though. We definitely will see. It will also be a great test on my method of Germination. I feel like I am a first time grower again, and getting excited. If this does not pan out, I will just use some Hive to get some new seed from Bif Beans. That's right, BIF accepts Hive as a form of payment. A seed bank that has more sense than most ;)


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Love White Grape

Yeah it was a great strain from what I remember of mine. Always comes out frosty as hell!

Back in the saddle again! Very awesome bro! I'm glad you can get something going! I know it's hard when you have kids.

Yeah it really is, especially on the space issue. I just have to accept the fact I cant get an indoor setup until I have a bigger place.

Autos can be a good option for a balcony grow, so I wish you luck with your new project :)

That's a great beginning... Where do you order your seeds?

Good to hear that you're growing your own plants for this purpose. You've very good collection, you're very hard working.

Thanks for your kind words :)

nice to see you do wat you like doing

Yeah I saw a tiny tap root coming out of one of the Cabs, and it is bringing back so many memories!

Awesome man, a fine seed selection, an exciting time starting a new grow :)

Thanks man! Hopefully these pan out so I don’t have to spend my precious Hive lol

Bro, even your MaryJane has the family name of a redwine... Hahaha! Nice one!

Yeah once I saw Cabernet, I had to have it! I wonder if it is going to have green bell pepper notes? Maybe Ill have to find a Merlot strain, and mix the two together in a bowl;)

Nice man. Hopefully the autos work out for you. Good to see you growing again. I am ready for a quick.