Disposable Vape Pen Loaded With Ghost Train Haze Oil

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What's up Weed Nerds!? I know it's been way to long. TBH my cannabis smoking has been pretty boring the last few months. I have been smoking less due to everything going on. Don't get me wrong a few tokes after all the kids in bed is much appreacited. So with less smoking, my harvest from my very last grow has lasted me a very long time. One thing about smoking on the same strain, is it loses it's effect. I am sure many of you know what I am talking about.

I am no fan of cannabis oil in carts. There is so much bad product on the market, so I usaully stay away from this particular cannabis product. Unless I know exactly where it came from. A good buddy of mine came into town, and had some disposable pens of diffent flavors, I went ahead and picked me up a Ghost Train Haze. This is lab test pesticiede free cannabis, and best part is they test the actual cannabis before oil production.

It is 1 gram of oil, and has no added terpenes. Another thing that I stay far away from when it comes to carts. Most of the time they will add food grade terpenes to add flavor, and that stuff is just nasty IMO. This cart was nice, but I am already over it after a week. Flower is my prefence. I may crack down, and go to the cannabis club to pick up some good herb. In the meantime I will finish this Oil.

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I like my flower too but will dab a bit as well. I hope you can get some more plants going soon man.

I like dabbing once a year at least. It is about the same as a macro dose edible for me, but don’t last as long. It really grounds me, and allows to check myself if I am venturing on a wrong path.

Thats a great way to look at it! I only dab because I have a rig and dont want to waste it! 🤣 It sits there all lonely and I feel bad. 🤣



Carts can be convenient. You’re right to know the source, a lot can be hidden in them. Have a good day man

Yeah there easy on the go, but if I am home Ill be packing up some good flower!


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I love what I'm seeing. Tell me more about ghost oil.

Is a cannabis concentrate extracted with Co2

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Yeah I feel like the vape carts are more of a convenience or discrete option, feels like a little weaker buzz, not quite a full herbal experience, but fun for something a little different.

Yeah it dont even fell like cannabis sometimes. The first hit is always good, then after that it just dont seem to get you where you want to be.

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Pesticide free is very good. Here I have only seen CBD with added terpenes.

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They also make ones with actual cannabis terpenes, but those come with a bigger price tag.

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