Tent Update, & My 2022 Grow Challenge Contender

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What's good Weed Nerds? So if you all recall from the last 2 posts,I picked up some cuts the other week from my local nursery, and they where not the best looking. With some TLC, and time, that is no longer the case! Just look at them 6 days ago. Now they are starting to grow fast, they have to be transplanted into bigger pots.Unlike my last grow, I am actually doing stuff on time. But I was starting from seed, and that took off 2-3 weeks since I had to wait to tell sex. But first lets take a look at what I am growing for those just tuning in.



All clones from Dark Heart Nursery


Right now I have them on a 20/4 light cycle, under a Mars TS1000. As they grow, I will either just use my Bar Style LED, or just add a 240 Watt Quantum Board. Since I am downsizing I may sale the bigger LED. I recently came across a 400 Watt HPS, and I plan to use that when I switch to flower.

Nutes, and Soil

I am using top dressing this round, and this Heritage Organics Perfect Potting Soil. I have been inspired from @lacausa's grow, and decided I wanted to incorporate a foliar spray this round of growing. So I picked up some Roots Organics Extreme Serene. This is a Seaweed Extract that you apply once a week. After using it once, I am sold! I am not even sure what Armen uses, but I never would of got this if it where not for him, so thanks man.

IPM Regiment:

So far I have sprayed them good when I got the clones, and then 2 days before I transplanted. This is somthing very important. Especially for me living in an agriculture hub.


So I have decided to transplant into 3 Gallon pots, and first thing I must do is clean, and sanitize. Another thing I always do when I pull out all the plants from the tent, is clean, and sanitize it as well.


Then of course have all the plants handy in the area I plan to do the work.

Before I transplant, I also like to clean up the bottom shoots of the plant. Nothing to crazy. Just enough to where I wont have a bunch of worthless shoots in the future.

One more step before I transplant is to determine the level I should bury the root ball, and then apply Mycorrhizae.

Then it is pretty straightforward what I do next. Fill the pot up with soil. One thing to remember is to not pack it in very tight. You want it a little fluffy so roots can breath.

Then you water. Very simple stuff. Unless you have to do a hundred of these! I have to say I am glad I decided to do only 4. Last 2 grows I did 10, and then 11 plants. It was cool, and learned a lot, mainly about myself, which is I really do not have the time, nor space to do that many plants. This is for sure the last grow I do for some time. Unless I get a small tent, and do just 1 plant. So I am going to make this one count!

ROOTS! You all know I love them. Which is how I will choose my contender for the 2022 Grow Challenge. This is what is nice about doing clones, I know I have females. Yeah they can still herm on me, shit happens. But for sure I will get some female flowers off of these.

I will choose the Dosi Sherbert in the 3 Gallon bracket for the challenge!


Plants looking just like I want them. Even canopy, and short, and bushy. Just how I like my woman as well, ;). Next up is some more Super Cropping, which is one of my favorite things to do! I really want to put a SCROG up, but damn it is such a pain in the ass if I have to pull out the plants. I do not like to spray in the tent. I like to take them all out, and do in the bathtub. These Super Cropper clips do a great job. On the other hand, having that extra support on the last days of flower is also very crucial. Perhaps I will throw a net up a week after I flower, since that is when I will no longer foliar spray. I know I always say, we will see. This is a learning process, and I learn as I go. Any suggestions, fell free to drop them in the comments. That is all for now. Until next time, everyone have a great week!




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I will also make a post for the challenge with the pm.20

Man I am so excited to see how the Pure Michigan does for you!

Healthy looking plants... beautiful even.. will have to check out those additives. thanks

Yeah its organic, and a great growth stimulant!

Looking healthy, that spray is going to get them happy AF.

Do you use a Seaweed foliar spray too? It seems that it is a popular way to apply. I also have a Mono Silica that I will also add in a foliar spray instead of the roots.

Looking good homie

Thanks bro!

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Fun man. Keep growing. Cheers

Thanks man!

These girls look very happy and content. Spectacular growth in 6 days.

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Thanks! Yeah veg time is the most exciting tine because of all the fast growth!

Nice one man, Why down size? I mean you got the tent and light fill it up haha

See a week and some TLC them plants don't even look the same

Just don’t have the time to focus on so n my any plants. Plus with the new baby on the way, just to to focus less about on growing at the moment.

Nice post!
Thanks for share.

Thank you!

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