Tent Update: IT'S ALIVE!

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What's up fellow Weed Nerds! So it has been a good week since last update. I admit I have been slacking in the grow. Just been so busy getting ready for the Thanks Giving break, I have broke a rule. That rule is not doing shit on time. I should of transplaned last week, but due to not seeing sex, I have been putting it off. It is what it is though. Plants are still in good shape, and after a transplant, which I did today, they will rebound.

As you can see the plants are droopy. Almost looks like they need water. At first I was thinking that maybe the light was to powerfull, and raised it a little bit. But who was I kidding. The work needed to be done, and I got lazy.

So first thing I did was to drill more holes in the plastic pots. I am not a big fan of fabric pots, but there is no denying how well they work. So I figured I would just drill a few holes in the sides, and more for the drainage. Will it make much of differnce? I doubt it. But figure it would not hurt.

Then I proceded to wash the pots, and disinfect. I was wanting to upgrade to bigger pots. But honestly I am tired of buying shit, and am going to make due with what I have. Besides these pots will be suffecint.

Before I transplanted, I made the decioins on which ones are staying, and which ones are going...

3 of the males got cut, and composted.

One of the Miracle Macks will be going outside, right next to one of the Big Mack Superstar males. One thing I have to do is clean up the MM really good. If it is going to say outside, I will have to be very vigalant in regards to mold. It just may be brought inside, and kept under the old Blurple. Just for seed production purpouses.

Just look at the Monster Cropped Cut! Now do you see why people do this on purpouse? There is so many nodes, that I can not even count!

Before and After

And I am sure I will have to clean up even more before I flip.

Alright, back to the transplant. After pullig out the root balls of the ones I am keeping, it is very apparent of why my plants where drooping. The roots had no where to go! Now I am sure if they where in fabric pots, this would not be a problem. But it is the price to pay since I refuse to use them. Just a prefance of mine. One that I shold probally reconsider.

Oh yeah this is fun!

Mykos was something I never used, up until last grow. Now I make sure to sprinkle into every transplant.

POV of the Mycos....

Low and behold. This will be the final plant count in my tent, minus maybe 1 or two, which are the 2 on the bottom right. Once I get back from my Thanksgiving break, I will do some serious 'Lollipoppoing', and a little defoilation. After that do a IPM spray, then flip to a 12/12. I admit I am a little nervous about this trip since I will not have anybody tendig to these plants. Just have my neighbor keeping an eye on my apartment, so dont get any ideas, ;) But my plan is to give them a good watering, keep light on low, and also at the bare minium of 18/6. I know it is not ideal, but it is someting I have to do. Family is more important. Besides they will not die. Worst case sceniour they will just need some extra TLC as soon as I get back. Well make sure to tune in next week, and see the conlusion of me being away from my tent for 4 days....






Looking good bro. Sounds like a decent plan to keep the water absorption as light as possible. Four days is a long stretch but they will certainly make it, no doubt they might be starting to get thirsty by that point.

It's good that you have a neighbor to watch over the place but unfortunate you don't have someone who can water them for you. Perhaps a remote camera viewing set up and watering system might not be a bad idea in the future. One thing at a time though, patience is a virtue and you have lots of it!

Keep up the great work, and I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving with the family.


Yeah there is a system call blumat, and it’s very good. Not thing is you would have to have a bucket of water near by for it to feed into the droppers. Something else that will take up more room I don’t have . If I did have the room I would be all over it. Takes the guess work out of the equation

I think they will be fine with you gone a few days.
I think the first pic is hilarious.... that's about as much foliage as I get on 4 plants! Very busy : D

Yeah it’s almost to much to work with! Lol I’ll for sure have to do some cleaning in there. Thanks for the love

Damn.. those roots tho

Yeah I was happy to see that. Because if they where not root bound, I would have big problems!