The Rutz Grow Week 8

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Hi All,

It's the 1st day of week 8, check-out the clip!

So, it's 10 days 'till x-mas...well, sure feels like. With harvest around the corner, I need to be extra vigilant. Made it this far, I definitely don't want anything going wrong.

The canopy has never been this happy and full of large colas.

I am very proud of this batch. It's my 4th attempt at Runts and I nailed it this time.

I should see more fall colors in the next few days. I hope they are ready in 10 days, because I most definitely am.

Catch 'yall later, Peace.

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I agree with you bro, it does look better then last one! I really need to try those Runtz one day, they must be fantastic since you are keeping them around for so long!

I will get them to you one day. Someway, somehow

I was actually in Hollywood on Sunday. But the people I was with don’t smoke. Can’t believe how much it has changed down there! Good, and bad lol

Yea it changed a lot. I stick to the Valley now days.

What valley is that? Did you move?

North Hollywood, no didn't move

No bad young Jedi

Lol, thanks.

I grew for many years maybe I will share some photos been out the game bout a decade

For sure, it's time to jump back in. The led lights make it easy.

I looked into them but its the prices that drove me out... $800 a pound..... I will smoke it all for that price.... I get the itch every now and again