"The Runtz" - Week 7

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Hi All,

Wow, it seems like forever....

So, I have not made a post for about 4 weeks. But, here I am once again....la, la, la, la, lala la...

It's day 2 of week 7, check-out the clip!

The Rutz are packing like crazy. The smell is just wounderful and I'm 2 weeks away from harvest.

As the Fall colors fill the tent, I count the days. The last 2 weeks never go fast enoght, but it will be here, and I will be waiting.

The purp, the herb...

Next week should be a show...

From the bottom of my heart...

Peace Y'all!

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Nice! I’m growing this same plant. This almost inspires me to make a post about runtz, even though it’s been tough for a gardener from the pnw to break thru. But I love this plant, ton of fun to grow. Happy growing! This plant will reward you if work at it, and constantly learn. Cheers. Keep growing

Nice, thanks bro. Rutz is a special one for sure.

Good to see you bro! And yeah forsure that’s your most packed canopy. You should hit that 1.5 gram per watt easy this round. My gram per watt with the HPS was pretty lauzy, but I didn’t really try to pack as much as I can in the test, so can’t say it was the light.


Thanks bro, 1.5 per watt...fingers crossed.