grow update and weekend yeah

It's the weekend and I had a good workout in the gym this morning. And despite some minor muscle pain, I feel good. Tomorrow again yeah. Then we're going to have a look in the tent because I broke a plant yesterday and that didn't go well. I put duct tape around it and I hope it will grow back together. I've done it before and it worked. Hopefully now also because this is the pure Michigan that I am very curious about. I am now also a tester at bif. So coming times all new species. I also ordered a bigger tent. But I'll make a post about that when I have it




Nice thick leaves

image (6).png



image (2).png



I sprayed them with water. and I set my lamp to 50%. Outside you sometimes have a cloudy day. And I have the feeling that it can recover better that way. We'll see if that's the case. I want to wish everyone a nice weekend. stay great and see you next blog.



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Very healthy looking leaves.
Hope the duck tape can help her recover. 🙂

Even if the branch is gone, it will still be alright. It’s sucks, but it’s life :)

If it doesnt kill her it makes her stronger 😋💪

plants are happy! :)

🤗so Im I. good weekend my friend

One broken branch gives four new ones ;)

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Poor lady! Hope she can grow well 😊

!discovery 25

😝 she will be fine

I hope she can recover from that! All of your plants look phenomenal tho, and I can't wait til mine start actually growing!

I just started soaking them this morning in a small cup of water, and about to put them in a paper towel soon to start the germination process! :) Wish me luck!

Sending positive vibes your way man, and have a great weekend!

I feel sad for the plant. I hope she recovers too.🥺💚

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