F1 Banana Punch X Mac & Cheese

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Authored by @jonyoudyer


What's good Weed Nerds! So finally got around to trimming the F1 Banana Punch X Mac & Cheese.

Ill be finishing tonight, then I will only have 3 more left to trim, 2 of the Dirty Little Secret, and then 1 more Rainbow Chip.

The winner for Guess The Weight was @davedickeyyall who guess 3.1 grams, congrats!






Good weed!! Good life!!


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Yes indeed! This is the buds that I will keep all to myself, minus when i smoke people out

Damn, That's woah! I can tell you on some real dope lavish shit.✌🏻🍀🌝

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nice dave 💪


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Hola. Se ve que es un fruto muy bueno, me alegro que puedas autocultivar, me parece interesante todo lo que tenga que ver con esta plata. Felicidades a @davedickeyyall por adivinar el peso, que buen ojo. Un abrazo desde Colombia.

Hi there. You can see that it is a very good fruit, I am glad that you can cultivate yourself, I find everything that has to do with this money interesting. Congratulations to @davedickeyyall for guessing the weight, what a good eye. A hug from Colombia.

They both look very tasty. Really nice buds bro :D