WeedChat Wednesdays Coming Soon! Community Smoke Sessions on Discord

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What's up everyone! Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

Well I tried to have the first WeedChat Wednesday community smoke session today, but I guess it was just ill timed. That's okay!

We will do it next week and hopefully every week after that! I will be recording the first couple of sessions and then posting after the fact on 3Speak. But I do want to try and live stream them to Vimm.TV as well so just figuring out the OBS mechanics on that. I have figured out how to just record everything so one step at a time, lol. This new Mac M1 is tricky on that because of the audio routing changes to the OS.

But what I want to know in the comments is what kind of topics you want to discuss? Let me know!

We will be doing these things at 4:20 EST which is UTC-5. There is a cool website that you can use to figure out the time in your timezone if you are too stoned to figure it out on your own, lol...

So I hope to see you in the Weedcash Discord next week for a community smoke session and discussion!

Oh yeah... NFTs and Distribution for providing liquidity to the SWAP.HIVE/WEED diesel pool is now live!

Be cool, be real, and always abide!

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