The WeedCash.Store is Now On It's Own Site! Same Great Products, New Look!

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So I have been busy lately. One of the projects I have been working on is the and making updates on the front end. I did some work for @richardcrill and got all the old Steem and Steem Engine links and icons changed over to Hive and all the Hive Engine market links. Made some other changes to the menu and made it more straight forward. Links you to all the correct places and ties in with all the different sites involved, and hid some links that were not being used.

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But with the new store, what I am going to do is donate 10% of the sales back to the community in the form of setting up a WeedCash marketing fund. I want to be able to market this community as I think it will be one of the big draws to the Hive network. Looking at print materials, possible paid advertising, and paid marketing for the site.

I am in currently in process of securing my official business name, The Logical Dude, LLC, which will allow me to register with the SEC to become a funding company. This will help in being able to legally hold money and run my crowdfunding site,, which is just sitting and waiting for government bull crap. Just trying to get all my legal stuff in order so I can do it right. This will also help in being able to create crowdfunding campaigns for the WeedCash community.

OH! I am also considering an affiliate program for the, so be looking out for an announcement on that in the coming future!

Anyway, I have allot going on and it's all for the good. Trying to be the most productive pothead I can be, lol!

Anyway, Be Cool, Be Real, and Abide!

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Right on Dude!!

nice now weedcash has its own site with new looks I'm gonna try out its new interface

You accept weedcash or swap.hive at least as payment right? Make sure u do that or at lwast route people through someone like me who has a card with eos which lets me sell weedcash for eos and buy stuff with debit

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I accept HIVE, HBD, and WEED. As well as the standard BTC ETH LTC BCH USDC and DAI. The hive payments Wordpress plugin doesn’t work well with swap.hive due to the way Hive-Engine has it pegged. Trying to keep the payments pretty simple. Going to be setting up Square soon so I will be able to accept cards. I am not changing the payment structure at this point. I am not routing payments through anyone.

Very neat! How did you get the Hive pay plugin to accept Hive , HBD and Weed? It seemed to me to only be able to choose the options in row, maybe I have an outdated version.

If you are on Windows, hold the control button when you are selecting the coins you want to accept. If you are on a Mac, you will hold Command then click

Thanks a milli, it would have taken me forever to figure that out. I really wish that plug in worked with Keychain.

Exitos en su nuevo proyecto y que todo marche bien

that great news to all weed community

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