WeedChat- What Is Your Favorite Cannabis Strain and Why?


It's that time of the week again! We are going to keep this little community engagement initiative going!

This week's topic for WeedChat is going to be, what is your favorite strain and why?

Inquiring minds want to know!

For me, I really have 2 all time favs. I love me some Gorilla Glue #4. It is one of the most consistent strains out there. I love the flavor of it and the nice middle of the road kind of high it gives you. It's really right for any time of day.

The second is Girl Scout Cookies. It's that awesome mellow tone and flavor that can also get me going at any time of day. The sweetness that comes with GSC is unmatched by any other strain in my personal opinion. You can mix it with whatever you want, but I can always tell when it's a cross strain with GSC.

As you see, I like strains that I can smoke at any time of day that can put me in a nice mellow mood that allows me to put up with the BS that the world wants to throw at me. I guess you can say these 2 strains put me in my 'Dudely' mentality!

So let us hear it!

What is your favorite strain, or 2, and why?


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I really like bubblegum. It is such a relaxing strain and helps me sleep. GSC is also one of my favorites out there. It is a perfect balance of sativa and indica.

Yeah, I love me some true old school bubble gum. That stuff is fantastic as well! Thanks for playing!

Og kush all the way! Something about the pinesol gas that gets me, and the buzz is also great for anytime of day. So naturally strains like wedding cake I gravitate to. The strains i recently grew, Rainbow Chip, and dirty little secret have that Og goodness, at have surpassed wedding cake IMO.

OG Kush is very very strong :-).
I basically love everything that has to do with weed.
In 2017 someone brought me here and said I should get in touch with him, unfortunately never found and missed hashkings or too late.
Wanted to buy and everything gone.
Greetings from Germany

OG Kush is always a classic for sure!

Gorilla Chocolate Thai Stick & GSWC (Girl Scout Wedding Cake) The first strain is a gorilla glue Hybrid My friend grew for the last few years GG # 4 + Chocolate Thai Stick. Th GSWC is Girl Scout Cookie + Wedding Cake made by Sun provisions a local small dispensary near me that Ok me using & mentioning products.


Nice to have stuff strain wise that are unknown for the most part & fun fact Thai Stick is part of GG # 4 lineage BTW.

Look what they added to hash kings

Best for me, Wedding cake and girl scout cookies. I got sick of GG4 and all glues in general. I also must have OG at night.

I do like me some Wedding cake as well. I hear you, I will switch up strains at times as well, but I am kind of stuck on the glues...

I feel you. I was stuck on the glue as well. For a good year.

Finally something good.
I love Ghost Train Haze and Bubbel Hash.
Your 2 varieties are also pretty strong :-)
I love hemp friends. Often good people.
With friendly greetings from Germany

Nice choices for sure

For me helena x peanut butter breath and wedding cake And I have them both in the house.

I'm also curious about the big mack

I saw someone posting an update about it recently, actually pointed it out on my video

Yeah my favorite has also been Gorilla Glue since last year.
OG Kush comes a close second though and I am really loving Wedding Cake and Purple Punch the now. 😉

Wedding cake seems to be a popular fav around here. I do love the Purple Punch too for a good night time smoke.

Gg4 Is top notch. I like platinum quite a bit