Time to start a new crop

Great evening to all the weedcash network. I'm doing my plannification for my next crop.
I already have 2 top quality strains i'm gonna try, and i tought I would let the community choose the third one.
So come and tell me wich strain you would like to see grow indoor under a good LED light.
1 - ethos genetics, candy store
2- ethos genetics, ethos cookie RBX
3- plantation seed, skywalker OG
4- plantation seed, GG4

The strains with the more "vote" will be grown and followed from seed to flo, to smoke hahaha.




awesome choices 9 week flower sucks thought lol

Any of those 4 strains you would like to watch grow on my blog?

lol I thought you were going with cookies and candy store, so lets pick candy store

Haha no i was asking your advise for the lucky strain to be thrown in with my anesia and my critical vision.

The cookie RBX