Postponing Launch Date

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We were already looking at changing the launch date based on the new hard fork date for Hive. Now that wLEO has been attacked, we are also going to take a close look at that before we move forward.


Big thanks to @thelogicaldude for the new logo and the new

We know @khaleelkazi and @fblso are working hard to pin point exactly what happened and how. Today has been a crazy day for the LEO tribe, but we are confident that LEO will come back stronger than ever.

The LEO market is already bouncing back after @khaleelkazi and @fblso worked quickly to save the remaining funds in the liquidity pool. I'm sure a detailed account of what happened will come out soon.

We will be following the wLEO story closely and working to design wWEED in a way that is as safe as possible from any possible attacks before we move forward with launch.

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Good decision to hold the launch indefinitely until we figured out what haopened and how best to proceed. In the mean time I will keep stacking WEED

@drutter @tonytrillions I am glad I spoke up, I would rather receive upvotes from you for Hive you invest in. DeFi is dangerous and the guys at Leo are intermediate-advanced skill level traders who just failed.

Hi how is this the first time I heard about this coin store and community. Is there a pres packet like jpeg logos ect i can't find 1 and I would like to write a article.

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