Afri-Christmas Celebration Volume II. (Over 100 Hive in Prize pool)

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Afri-Christmas Celebration Volume II. (Over 100 Hive in Prize pool)


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It's that time of the season again were we come together as a family to celebrate Christmas in the little way we can on the Blockchain. This is Afri-Christmas volume 2 and we are set to light up the candles and make merriment with all our friends on Hive ranging from other music communities on Hive.

This event isn't particularly for the Africans alone because Christmas is celebrated all around the world. In this regards, we are calling on all music lovers and well-wishers across other countries to come together as we put our heads together and make this celebration a memorable one.

The event is to kick start on Friday 15th December and will be ending 22nd December to enable us compile the results before Christmas day.
We've got over 100 Hive in price pool for the winners in the event and we hope to tip active members in this event too.

Get ready with your favorite Christmas song and lets join the herald angels sing glory to the new born King, we in Afritunes community are ready to listen to your favorite Christmas songs.

Somebody is already asking if it must be an African song, No! Come in with your entry as long as it's a Christmas song it's welcome we are all in the session of Christmas..
You may choose to bring Christmas songs from your dialect too, Spanish, English, French and other amazing languages are all welcome, just do well to provide us a English interpretation of whichever dialect you choose to present in. You may choose to present on any dialect of you are conversant with also, it mustn't be your dialect, beside we are all one in the Music world with one goal which is global harmony therefore feel free to participate!

You Don't have Christmas songs?

Don't worry come in with a normal entry for Afritunes community that day and tag it #afritunes and #afrwk93. Your title should also indicate "Afritunes Week 93" follow by your introduction since you are making an entry for the normal Afritunes weekly events.

Below are the rules guiding this event 👇👇

  1. You can publish either a cover or an original song by first of all introducing the video starting with "Afri-Christmas volume 2" follow by your username and your song title.

  2. All videos should be published through the Threespeak channel as quality videos might recieve votes from @threespeak.

  3. Plagiarism Free: You must refrain from publishing someone's content as yours or you need to identify with source any material you use that doesn't belong to you. Plagiarism is a big No on Hive!

  4. Word Count: Your entry should have atleast 250 words if it's English and 500 words above for entries with translations.

  5. This event commences from Friday 15th December to 22nd December, you can make one entry in any of the day within the 7days of the event.

  6. Amongst other tags, it is mandatory to first of all use the #afritunes and #afri-christmas tags for an entry to be considered valid.

We will inform you of any changes in this rules before the event time


First Place:- 50Hive, 50Leo tokens, 750 ecency points

Second place:- 30Hive, 30Leo tokens, 400 ecency points

Third Place:- 20Hive, 20Leo tokens and 200 ecency points

Other Amazing Prices (Promoting Hive On Twitter)

For sometime now the @Leofinance community have been on seat trying to promote our beloved Blockchain "Hive" on the web2 social media platforms and so we as a community are set to join the track by encouraging all participants to promote their posts on twitter and by so doing, we will pick interesting posts randomly and reward them with 5Hive each, based on how well the post is been promoted.

You can as well promote your posts on INLEO and earn votes from the @afri-tunes community account, just do well to include the #Afri-Christmas tag in your thread and that is all.

We will also be rewarding all participants with a little tip based on the quality of your entry.

We will look out for good engagers and also reward them with Hive tokens after the program. We will pick out 5 top engagers and each will be rewarded with 2Hive.

Do well to Subscribe to Afritunes community to be eligible for prices

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You Don't Want to Miss Out, Plan, Prepare and Participate 😉

Article Written by @ovey10 for the community
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With Christmas just around the corner, this is going to be hugee! I can't wait to see all the amazing entries.

Yessso... we can't wait to watch those entries eeeehn

We've sha not seen your entry for like 1 year now... I don wait sotey I don de loose weight oo

This man😂😂😂. My entry de still do press up. Let it gather momentum first.

This kyn pressup eeehn... I no kan understand

Fret not, in due time.😉 You go deh beg me make I stop

Lol.... Oya na.... bring it on!

If e gather momentum pass this one Omo, na to organise concert on hive remain 😱

😂. that's the way forward.

Confam! I don dey expect to see this post since, we dey come, oya piple make una dey prepare o, hehe

Lol... The baba.... I sight you chief of Staff...

I go dey expect your entry wella

No wahala. We dey full ground 😎


Thanks for the tag.

Amazing! already feeling the Christmas jingling sensation, looking forward to all the lovely entries. ✨ 🎄 🎅

Yessooo... we can't wait to see those wonderful entries

This is lovely and I can't wait 😍

Same here

I'm feeling Christmas already o
Omo I can't wait let me start checking my playlist.

Ghen ghen!!!
Can't wait to listen to it

Hehe. Alright o rehearsal has started o

Dusting Mic, Testing Mic; One.... Two!! Can't help but wait to watch all the beautiful entries

Can't wait to watch yours too... hehehe

Christmas is a wonderful period of celebration and merriment.

Yes Ma'am

This Is amazing, I am just seeing this post.
This Christmas will be fun with Afritunes. Let me start thinking of what to present. Merry Christmas in advance people😃

Early preparation.... ghen ghen!

Abi nau hehe


Christmas is very close

I can't wait to participate

Yes it is oooo
We'll love to see your presentation.

Can't wait

Woah!! This is huge!
Looking forward to all the amazing entries.

Yea... me I'm looking forward to your own bayi

Yeah, I'm cooking something hehe😉

Una sure say this Christmas go hold?
I never feel anything oo😂😂😂😂

The commemoration of Christ's Incarnation (Nativity - Birth), which was necessary for our salvation... na the service/mass/reflection important pass...

Even if Tinubu don crumble celebration.... we still continue the one wey we fit do

Gbam. As you don talk am. E go happen.

lol... Na you be the Oga of all Ogas

If you no dey.. wetin we dey do here.
If we no dey we no do..
Good to hear from you Baba.
It's been a while.

These prizes dey enter my eyes oo 😂😂

Hehehe God of mercy...

 5 months ago  

Baba... Atleast chin chin money fit commot for here ooo Baba😂😂

Abi oo with chilled fanta 😂😂

Let me goan prefer to win this competition. I believe I'm the winner already. Guys make Una no follow me drag this one na. Make Una take am do Christmas for me as I just dey return to hive. I sure say @jesus-son, @magicfingerz @marybello, @maryjacy, @nathcy and all the powerful babes and guys for this platform don hear me 🙏❤️

Haha, we don hear. But @jessicaossom no dey hear this kain appeal o, lolz

lol...what's my own.

Ahhhh, I go beg her on a special note 😀 @jessicaossom how far na?

Haha, that babe no dey hear o, lolz

You people should free me oo lol
I never even know wetin I wan sing sef.

I go dey pray and fast make u no even remember any meaningful thing to sing. 😀@jesus-son come join me for the prayer o 🤣

Gbam! Fasting don start b dat, lolz

 5 months ago  

naso wona go talk oo later now you go come carry first ontop you no know watin go sing😂😂

Wahala 😂😂
I pray make I get wetin to sing before the due date sha lol

Abd Christmas is around the corner
I can't wait to participate