Pray For Me: Jah Bless Me: Style Na Style. #TTT

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Hello Music lover. how are you all doing, I welcome you all to #TTT #threetunestuesday as created by @ ablaze.

As we all knows music is not just music. Sometimes, music is the only medicines that the heart and soul needs, there’s this artists who's music have been serving as a ointment to provide healing for a world that is hurting.

That why I bring to you an African Nigeria musician for this week #TTT who's music have been serving as ointment Dare Art Alade

Dare Art Alade popularly know as Darey, Is a Nigeria R & B singer, He sings with confidence and unique voice and his songs are well composed. He shot into limelight when he performed on the reality project fame and was announced as the third in the singing competition.

So here comes, My three tunes for this week's as follows:

  1. Pray For Me

This song is one in Darey amazing album tagged naked. In this song titled pray for me Darey featured Soweto Gospel Choir. When you listen to the lyrics of this song, the song talks a lot about your story, my story and our story. The song really review a lot about the journey of past, and helps us to make sense of our present. This songs is all about triumph, despite the challenges.

This music pray for me was sung by Darey and was released in the year 2015

  1. Jah Guide Me

Well, on a good day, everyone is looking unto God for help and guide for better, protection and for brighter future. This song teaches us how prayer to God is so necessary during hard time, the song also send us a message of hope.

This music Jah Guide Me was sung by Darey and Released in the year 2020

  1. Style Na style ft 9ice

This song style na style speaks to the idea of being true to ourself and not getting caught up with the thought of others. Someone may not like your way of doing things doesn't mean is troublesome or annoying. The part I love about this song is the chorus, it pass alot of message. Let used to be real and stop faking reality.

The music style na style was sung by Darey ft 9ice, password & jesse jagz style and Released in the year 2009.

All the video used are gotten from youtube!.

Thanks for your time on my post!


These are great tunes, I enjoyed the first one the most.

Thanks you for loving it

It's a pleasure.

You don't know how I felt when I clicked on the first tune. I never knew there was a music video of this. I have heard the music and I like it.

Wow. Hope you enjoy it

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