Afritunes week 90 /∆\ OLOLUFE covered by Chidistickz

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Hello everyone 🖐️

Its nice to have you in my blog

Hey people of God hehe this is afritunes week 90, just ten weeks left and afritunes would be hundred weeks, I'm glad to be part of this big family up until now, it really hasn't been easy, sometimes making videos is even stressful but we just are overwhelmed by the joy in African music.


I even had a little sore throat and catarrh but i managed to sing just soprano and Alto so please don't mind my cracking voice, I just had to threat myself this afternoon.

This week I decided to sing a song I just heard a few weeks ago, I promised myself that I would sing it here and finally I've brought it for you guys to see, well I guess some people might know the song, it's a Yoruba song by Stev Hills, one of my favorites gospel artist, he's a young guy and a great inspiration to me.

The title of the song is OLOLUFE, it's centered on singing beautiful songs to a lover of which he (Stev Hills) was referring to God, and it's true, love 💕 and beautiful songs flow together, sometimes in movies we see lovers singing to themselves, beautiful songs makes love sweet hehe, we call it LOVE WANTINTI😂.

This love song is dedicated to God, of course he is the perfect lover because love have to do with sacrifice and he gave the highest sacrifice for our redemption, in return we are expected to love him in our best abilities, singing a love song to God is just one of the things we can do for God, I just remembered that we're almost at the end of the year and to be honest, it's his love that has been speaking for us all this while so I guess this is the right time to sing this song.

Haha this is the first time I'm singing a Yoruba song here and I know somany people would want to laugh at me but thanks to the lyrics for being so easy, I really didn't rehearse it, I just listened to it over and over again.
Check out the original song here

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Firstly, I thought this Ololufe is the song I know but it's not o

This particular one is beautiful and the Harmony is giving.


Thanks allot

You're welcome

When I saw love wantintin I thought its about that fine girl 😃😃 but then you said it's dedicated to God, then it's well 😃

Keep up the good work brother.

Thanks 🙏👍

Well-done Igbo guy with Yoruba cover. The catarrh no show for your voice o. Lol

E no really show but I no fit ho high pitch na

Wonderful presentation, the catarrh didn't show at all...but still take good care of yourself

What a good and amazing song you have there. Thanks for the way you also rendered the song. It is really nice hearing this song today.
Thanks for sharing

Thanks allot ma

Yay! 🤗
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Your Harmonious voice is a Beauty to behold ❤️
You did great with this presentation
Well done boss man

Thanks boss sure God likes Love songs that's been sang to him.
This is really lovely
The harmony is so nice.
You rock.

Thanks madam

You're welcome

When I saw the title I thought it was Ololufe Jowo Ma ilo😜😜 but it's another one. haha
Nice presentation

Yeah it's a beautiful song
Thanks for coming around 🙏