afritunes week 89, look what you've done already

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Hi guys, this is Afritunes week 89, I am happy to be here this wonderful and awesome week, hope tou are all fine and good, this week I am going to be doing a cover of a very nice song titled looked what you've done already, the rap version by greatman, and i am with a friend who is @chidistickz.

I chose this song because God has done many thing for me this week, and I know he is still going to do more and more things for me, and it would make me always trust and wait on him because of this things he have done already. His love and compassion towards us is great and he is always with us, so I just want to thanks him for this things.

When we entered this week I thought that things were not going to go well they way I thought, but all of a sudden God started doing unbelievable things and I am grateful for that.

This song is really nice and good, and it is also the rap version , that's what even made it more interesting. Thanks for viewing my post, and thanks for visiting my blog. See you all next week and hope you enjoyed the song.

Lyrics source (greatman takit look what you've done lyrics

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I enjoyed everything about this song. Well done

Thanks for stopping by

This is a good one guys , I love the collaboration,🔥🔥🔥

Thanks bro for stopping by

You both rocked.

Nice one. I really enjoyed the rap

Thanks u really appreciate

WOW 😲. This is great. I love the combination. Keep it up guys

Thanks for stopping by

God is a miracle one, and I am glad you see His goodness in your life. You guys did well with the collabo. Your rap makes sense.

Thanks a lot

This collaboration is so beautiful, the voices harmonised while singing.

Nice entry.

Thanks a lot

You did well with the song. I enjoy listening to you.

Thanks a lot

Dahhh omor
He looks like your brother o is he?
This is really lovely ❤️ two are so great.
This is really good.

He is ooh, thanks a lot

Alright dear

I think you did a great job with your cover.
Well done

Thanks a lot for stopping by

Wow,nice one 👍
Keep it up