Afri-Tunes Week 89//Mercy Cover By Hivedeb

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Hi Afri-Tunes friends and is a a new week filled with renewed hope, the coco is ticking in a hurry bringing us to the end of the year.

For this week's entry, I will be singing the choice song as selected by the community for the week with the title 'Grace' by Sunmisola Agbebi. When I went forth to search for this song I was initially confused because I was seeing Moses Bliss, my confusion increased when I saw Pastor Jerry Eze. Later on I made a little research and found out that it is a song by Moses Bliss and he featured Sunmisola Agbebi and Pastor Jerry Eze.

This song was taken from Ephesians 2:22. Even when we were dead in sin the Grace and mercy of God appeared to us. Grace is God's kind of energy, his unmerited favour. We deserve to be punished, but the grace of God which brings salvation appeared to us. That grace teaches us to stay away from that old man of sin. That you don't believe or you dault in your heart don't stop it from being true.

My inspiration to this song is, I am one out of many that God has show that mercy, and allowed his Grace to appear to. You don't write anyone off rather pray that same Grace appears to him too.

Friends, with all please do join meas we do this song together. Thank You.

Mercy Sunmisola Agbebi by Lyrics
It’s all because of You (Lord)
It’s all because of your Grace
That I’m, standing here right now
It’s all because of You
It’s all because of your Love
That I’m still standing

I could have missed my way
I could have fallen by the wayside
But You are always there to help me (Repeat)

Lord, I’m amazed by how you’ve shown me Mercy!
Chineke M’oh (My God), thank you for your Mercy (Repeat)

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 183 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hmmm no worries Moses bliss go soon feature you hahaha 🤣
Beatzchain presentation dear

See having ooo

Thank you

Yeah dear, is all because of his mercy that we are here today. Keep it up.

Yes's his Mercy

Truly it only all because of his grace we are still standing strong.💪

Yes my dear...thank you

Grace... God's faithfulness. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you my dear

Well done dear, if not for His mercy we would be nowhere to be found.
Nice rendition.

Yes my dear

Yeah so, you no dey carry last. Well-done.

Thanks my dearie sister

My dear, have been in the same situation before o.
I later found out that they were all featured.
You have a very beautiful voice.
And you're so talented.
Weldon dear.

Good always give a way out for us.

Thank you so much for the commendation

You're welcome

Yay! 🤗
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Your rendition of 'Grace' by Sunmisola Agbebi is so moving and powerful. Your explanation of the song's message adds depth to its meaning. Well done