Daddy Showkey and African China.. #ttt

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What a beautiful moment to share with you three songs for the #ttt by @ablaze.

Do you remember Daddy Showkey?


Okay, I have two songs from him and one other artist.

Daddy showkey. Call my name.

Haha, I love what this song is doing to me right now, it's waking me down memory lane.

I remember when I went visiting my cousins at Ajegunle and I stumbled on Daddy Showkey, how excited I was back in those years.

Kids surrounded him and started doing the ghetto dance and it was such a beautiful sight.

Daddy showkey. Fire.

Right now it feels like Our country is on fire as they are so much uneasiness and a hike in prices for almost any item.

Many people are depressed and looking for a miracle, Funny enough This song was sung many years ago and it is still relatable today. How pathetic!

African China.. Food no dey.

There is indeed a shortage of food supply right now for many people are starving and I feel so bad about it.

But then I want to focus on this part. "Your worst enemy fit be your best friend." This is so true, nobody knows tomorrow and who will come through for you.

Life shouldn't be taken so seriously cause death ends it all, no need to hold on to grudges and resentment.

Let us make it our aim to live peaceably with all if we can for tomorrow is not promised.

These are all ghetto tunes and I love them so much I hope you enjoyed listening too.

All videos were gotten from #Youtube.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 170 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Good old days 😃

It's so pathetic that everything African China said in that song is still happening till now... no food, the masses are suffering. God will help us.

Thanks for sharing with us.

It is so sad, but God will never forsake us. Thanks for coming through.

Daddy showkey rocking it. Nice one.