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I heard this song last night and I couldn't get enough of it.
Ops, I am sorry. Good day and trust everything is fine!


It's the #ttt by @ablaze and I can't help but share these songs from one musician.

Libianca is her name and she js from Cameroon.

Jah by Libianca.

This song talks about the glory of God and how God preserved her when people deserted her, She was basking because of the love Jah has for her and I resonate with the song.

God has been faithful, especially in difficult situations and I can't help but share this song.

People by Libianca

I think most of us can relate to this song, it's funny how people. Pick offence on us for not checking up on them, forgetting that we too might be going through a lot in our lives.

Funny how they suddenly chat you up when you post a very fine picture, and the next thing you'll hear is.
"You don forget me oh."

This singer talks about depression and how real it is, Many people are going through a lot and we need to be kind to people out there.

Some people do not genuinely check up on us, some do so to see if we are doing better than they are, that is where wisdom comes in.

Most people depend on drinks to fight their depression because they don't know what is real or fake.

I rather stay lonely than roll with a fake friend and I know you are to that too.

I wish By Libianca

I love everything about this song, the voice and beat.

It is so soothing and calm to listen to. I am beginning to love this music artist.

Thanks for your time on my blog today.

All songs were gotten from #Youtube.


I love the people most, I resonate so much with the song.

Thanks for sharing.

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This singer talks about depression and how real it is

It is. It really is. It doesn't need to be taboo to talk about, either; it's nice to see it brought up as a serious topic.

Thanks for sharing! The songs were awesome again.