Oganigwe.. Bandana.. Palazzo #ttt

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Hello all.

Welcome to another edition of the #ttt.



From the stable of Nigerian industry, these are three music from Nigeria.

Asake ft Fireboy. Bandana

Can you imagine two great artists collaborating? What do you expect, now tell me?

This song is on fire and sure leaving you shaking your head.💃💃💃💃💃

Bandana is a hit song😃😃 and I love it so much.

We sure never saw this collabo coming, it's such a wonderful song and so I decided to share.

DJ Spinall ft Asake Palazo

I guess Asake is a born star, because whatever he sings makes waves, the beat, his style of singing especially his Yoruba dialect.

I love Asake so much too, and I started liking him lately because of my cousin who come to spend the holiday with us.

He always plays Asake's songs. Do you love Asake's song too?

Let's do some shaking of the body.

Are you ready? First what captures my attention the most is the costume of this song.

The storyline too is quite interesting, When God chooses to bless us no man can ever stand in our way.

The dialect here is spoken in Igbo language, every Nigerian music has a profound way of exhibiting the rich Nigerian culture.

The flute at the end of this song is also a vibe, it keeps the cultural vibe as well and that's why I love the song.

What do you think about the songs for this week?

I would love to hear your thought, that will be all for now.

Thanks to @ablaze for initiating the #ttt.


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 166 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

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I enjoyed these songs this week. I really did like the costumes as well in the last song!

Thanks for the visit.

I have listened to a few of his songs in radio, and they weren't bad.
Nice article

Thanks for the visit.

Nice one my friend, these were three great examples of Nigerian tunes. I thought that Bandana was great production and collaboration and would be my pick of the three. I really enjoyed the Igbo dialect song too and it's cool that he stays true to his traditions and culture by rapping in Igbo and incorporating local traditional instruments as you say here

The flute at the end of this song is also a vibe, it keeps the cultural vibe as well and that's why I love the song.