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Hello awesome people on Afri-tunes! I welcome you once again to the 29th week of our weekly celebrations of African music. I want to use this medium to appreciate the @ksam, the founder of this community and his closest and indefatigable collaborators @starstrings01 and @obaro! More grace to you guys!



¡Hola gente increíble en Afri-tunes! Les doy la bienvenida una vez más a la semana 29 de nuestras celebraciones semanales de música africana. ¡Quiero usar este medio para agradecer a @ksam, el fundador de esta comunidad y sus colaboradores más cercanos e infatigables @starstrings01 y @obaro! ¡Más gracia para ustedes!

This week I bring you a unique Afro - representation or application of a beautiful and popular classical piece by Johann PACHELBEL titled Cannon in D
In other words, if Johann PACHELBEL was an African composer, cannon in D would have been like what I have for you today in the video. 😂

I must confess, the progression of the original piece is quite peaceful and spurs some kind of reflective mood to anyone listening to it. Personally I meditate with it at some points. In short, it helps me relax. Although it sounds as though it is slow in its tempo, it is not quite slow when you try to play the notes on a piano because of the many quick notes that make up the song. (I am sure that talented Pianists like @mipiano can relate to what I am saying about the tempo of cannon in d).

Esta semana les traigo una representación o aplicación afro única de una hermosa y popular pieza clásica de Johann PACHELBEL titulada Cannon in D
En otras palabras, si Johann PACHELBEL fuera un compositor africano, el cañón en D hubiera sido como el que les tengo hoy en el video. 😂

Debo confesar que la progresión de la pieza original es bastante pacífica y estimula una especie de estado de ánimo reflexivo para cualquiera que la escuche. Personalmente medito con ella en algunos puntos. En resumen, me ayuda a relajarme. Aunque suena como si fuera lento en su tempo, no es tan lento cuando tratas de tocar las notas en un piano debido a las muchas notas rápidas que componen la canción. (Estoy seguro de que los pianistas talentosos como @mipiano pueden relacionarse con lo que digo sobre el tempo del cañón en re).

On the other hand, the way I played it, gave it an African rythm and vibe, hence, one could almost start dancing to it. That is very typical of many African songs. I tried to give it a unique afro feel, yet somehow maintain the original melody. One can easily tell that it is cannon in d although played differently.

I really hope you enjoy it, let me know how you see it in the comment section

Por otro lado, la forma en que la toqué le dio un ritmo y una vibra africanos, por lo que uno casi podría comenzar a bailar con ella. Eso es muy típico de muchas canciones africanas. Traté de darle una sensación afro única, pero de alguna manera mantuve la melodía original. Uno puede decir fácilmente que es un cañón en d aunque se juega de manera diferente.

Realmente espero que lo disfruten, háganme saber cómo lo ven en la sección de comentarios

Here is the link to the Original version as played by Jacobs piano on youtube


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Strong man, I saw what you did there... It's really intelligent of you to improvise and change the tune to a danceable one.
I appreciate talents like your. well-done!

Boss me, you dey always give me positive hype by your words of compliment and support. Thank you so much.
You are super appreciated!!

You are welcome chief musician

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OMG, this sounds so interesting!!!

Afro-classical, Pachelbel Canon in D!
Thank you for the mention, and yes, it is not any slow when the fast part comes :))

Aww, I'm glad you find it interesting!
I really hope that you play the real classical version one of these days 😉☺
Thanks so much for your reply!
You are the best!!

Yes, I played it a few weeks ago, at a wedding :))
But this version is so different :D so afri-tunes version 😇
Great work, once again!

This is more than wonderful brother,
See as you gave Canon in Dmajor a superb vibe...
You adorned it with the African percussion, beat, groove and you just turned it to a party jam... E remain make dem dey sing this one for owanbe

This combinion make sense ooo... E be like say I dey hear THANKSGIVING OF AMAZING GRACE... baba na you bike

I go like run that song one of these days shaa... na because I no fit sing na wetin dey hinder me


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My boss, it was actually Thanksgiving of amazing grace that inspired me to do the Afro canon in d thing lol.
To sing am for owambe go too make sense ooo hahaha
Abeg run that am e go make sense die!
Thanks for your reply boss!


This mannnn😀😀
You will just keep somebody in one high energy level with your mad guitar vibes 😀😀
I really get captivated whenever my ears feels those magical sounds of yours from the guitar..
Keep rocking in the African way 😀💜🎶🎶🎸🎸🎸🎵❤️🎶💕

Hahaha, all these for me? 😂 Thanks so much for my good friend for your encouraging comments, you give me motivation to carry on!
I am so happy that you liked the concept!

Yay! 🤗
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I am super grateful for the points!!
Thanks so much!!

Damn I feel like spraying you money right now 😃😃 like this is magical, awesome, amazing, Wonderful and every good words anyone could think of... I must confess, this is one of the best have seen so far this week. This one you drop is assignment pro max oo, how many months will I use to score this now ehn boss.

You're doing well my oga 🙌